Beginners and Disabilities Love The Automatic Bidet Toilet

Automatic Bidet Toilet | Easy Use for Beginners and Disabilities

Automatic bidet toilet for Beginners and Disabilities - assisting device image

The automatic bidet seat is an ideal option if you are new to a bidet seat, working best for you.

Also, the built-in automated program allows a child to use the seat to help with child-rearing for parents. It helps with disabilities without needing multiple keystrokes.

Best Bidet Seat for Disabled

The automatic Bidet Toilet features provide the best bidet for disabilities who need help in the restroom. It could be difficult for a disabled person to use a bidet seat without assistance using a complicated key sequence to operate the bidet.

automatic bidet toilet - 7900 remote and side keys for control

Multiple Automatic Features by Living Star

The image below represents what Living Star does as automatic bidet seats. The middle of the picture shows the major features of what Living offers, and the image to the right highlights the summarized characteristics of each model.

automatic bidet toilet - common features of living star and unique washes of living star bidet

The automatic bidet toilet benefits individuals with disabilities and older adults. Living Star caters to the needs of those people who need a simple and automatic operation, and Living Star incorporates those simplistic features in the bidet seat. Below is a brief description of the Smart features.

The Automatic Bidet Toilet | Living Star 5900 Automatic Wash

This feature with the 5900 model helps disabled people get the best wash result by pressing a button to start a bidet or posterior washing, using nozzle oscillation.


elongated bidet toilet seat - automatic wash bidet

The Smart Bidet Toilet | Living Star 7500 and 7900 Turbo, Automatic Wash

The Living Star 7500 and 7900 bidets even further help disability. They provide an automatic wash with variable water pressures, followed by air drying automatically, allowing a disabled person to press a button to complete a cycle.

Living Star 7500Living Star 7900
Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar Premium 7500Living Star Bidet Sprayer 7900 Main Image
 $299.99 $359.99


The SmartCare 7100 Bidet

The 7100 bidet with SmartCare maximizes convenience by using the historical preferential data of a user:

Bidet Toilet Seats - Living Star 7100


water, air dryer, and seat temperatures to execute the SmartCare program by pressing a button without using each temperature settings, helping disabled and older adults.

Automatic and Precise Control Objects

Today, some bidet seats embrace modern electronics to control warm water, water pressure, warm dryer, and nozzle movement for washing and drying. Usually, automatic features are pre-fixed by the manufacturer for sequential execution and each function of the operation time. A user sets preferential water temperature, water pressure, and air dryer temperature. Then, the automatic program uses the setting values to execute the wash and air dryer with pre-fixed time intervals and frequency of the bidet nozzle movement.

What are the available functional objects of Auto Bidet Helping Users?

automatic functional objects

There are multiple specific features called differently by the manufacturers. Below are the automatic features.

  • Automatic wash: washing and drying program 
  • Oscillation or Move: nozzle movement program 
  • Turbo Wash: washing with variable water pressure and nozzle movement

Automatic wash 

The automatic wash program provides automated washing and drying. During the process, it uses variable water pressure for a wash and automatic nozzle movement. The variant of the program sometimes performs with varying water temperatures. 

A wash for a kid

A kid’s wash program provides 1 minute of washing and 3 minutes of drying.

The key sequence of Automatic Wash 

The automatic program starts a wash automatically by pressing a key labeled with Auto or Kid. The Living Star 5900 model has a dedicated system of default automatic washing with the posterior or feminine wash with nozzle oscillation.

Duration and details of the Kid/Automatic Wash 

The Wash for a Kid program offers 30 seconds of washing, and then 1 minute of air drying. On the other hand, Auto Wash provides 1 minute of washing with preset water temperature and 3 minutes of drying with variable water pressure and nozzle positions.

Nozzle oscillation (also called a Move Wash)

A nozzle oscillation offers an additional convenience for your daily bidet use. The bidet nozzle moves back and forth automatically by predefined length and time. It gives you a massage effect, stimulates your muscles, and provides extensive cleansing, which works with the posterior, feminine, turbo, or auto washes. Manufacturers call it either an oscillation mode or a moving wash.

Automatic Bidet Toilet - Oscillation mode key operation

You can select a wash mode: posterior, feminine, or turbo, then press the same button again to start the nozzle oscillation, which shall offer you a pleasant bidet experience. 

Duration and details of the program

The duration and details of the program vary with each model. The nozzle will move automatically back and forth to help with each washing process, covering a wider area and offering a massage effect.

Turbo Wash

An outstanding feature for helping older adults and people having difficulties in the morning. The turbo wash provides a warm water wash for 1 minute with variable water pressure and nozzle oscillation.

 Living Star, what do you offer for the automatic bidet toilet features?

Living Star offers unique automatic toilet bidet programs in the models. The Living Star 5900 is an entry model offering an automatic wash for a posterior or bidet, a system default feature. Living Star 7500 and 7900 models additionally give you a thorough wash via Auto Wash, working differently from Living Star 5900. The details of the automatic washes as follows:

5900 Automatic Program

About Auto Wash (With Automatic Nozzle Oscillation)

Key: Bidet / Posterior 

Program details: Press the Posterior or Feminine Wash, then it automatically starts the wash with nozzle oscillation. The program offers wash with nozzle oscillation for 1 minute and 30 seconds of wash.

5900 KeyboardAutomatic Bidet Toilet - 5900 Keyboard - function keys

7500 Auto / 7900 Auto Programs

The automatic programs with 7500 and 7900 are the same as each other, except 7900 uses the remote. 

About The Auto and Kid’s Wash

Key:  Kid / Auto,  To use the Auto program, select posterior, bidet, or turbo wash, then press the Auto key. By pressing it one time, it starts the Kid’s wash, and the second keystroke will start the auto wash program.

Two small LED indicates the selection of the kid or auto program.

7500 KeyboardAutomatic bidet toilet - 7500 keyboard function keys

About The Kid’s Wash:  The Kid’s Wash performs 1 minute of washing and 3 minutes of drying time.

More Details About The Auto Wash: One(1) minute of washing with a preset water temperature and three minutes of air drying.  It starts with level 1 to level 3 of water pressure, taking 5 seconds for each. After reaching level 3, the system stays in level 3, then the nozzle moves back and forth, sprays water for 5 seconds, then stops for 5 seconds, repeating the process for 45 seconds. Then, air drying will start for 3 minutes (the default air temperature will be level 3; however, you can change the air temperature during the operation).

About The Nozzle oscillation

The nozzle oscillation mode is an add-on feature that works with posterior, feminine, auto, or turbo wash. The program offers automatic nozzle movement, offering an extensive area cleansing and massage effect for your muscles.

About The Turbo Wash:

 Key: Turbo,  Press the “Turbo” button to use the function.  Turbo wash allows a thorough washing for 1 minute with three(3) different levels of preset water pressure and five(5) different nozzle positions.

7900 RemoteAutomatic Bidet Toilet - 7900 remote keyboard function keys


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