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Perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 5900, 7500, 7900, 7100 |  comprehensive solutions

The Perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 5900, 7500, 7100, and LivingStar 7900 are comprehensive solutions for you. It satisfies most of the bidet functions that you need. The concept of 5900 and 7500 design is Slim, Lightweight, and One-size-fits-all.  Most toilet bowls in the market should fit with this premium-class bidet toilet seat for 5900 and 7500. You may want to compare these 4 LivingStar Bidet Seat models. The Perfect premium bidet seats bring with you multiple benefits:

Bidet Seat Essential features

  • Various washing modes

  • Multi-level adjustable settings

  • Enhanced personal hygiene through advanced nozzle technology: stainless steel nozzle with 1 pocket 3 holes. Each hole is designated for posterior, feminine, and turbo wash.

  • Energy-saving with instant heating and a function to make all the settings in a low-energy consumption

  • Water filter to filtrate any impurities in the water coming through the system

Convenient features

  • Soft closing

  • Nightlight

  • Kid’s washing

High-quality features

  • Anti-cracking of the seat

  • Waterproof keyboard

Device Safety and Maintenance

  • Anti-overflow valve

  • Anti-overheating switch and fuse

Bidet Essential Features

Generally, most bidet seats have various washing modes and a certain level of adjustments for water pressure, temperature, and air dryer & seat temperature.  However, more controls and sophisticated functions are not provided in all bidet seats in the market since there are differences in functions and quality associated with the cost.

  • Various Washing Modes

The perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 7500 and LivingStar 7900 with a remote provide comprehensive washing modes: Posterior, Feminine, Turbo, and Kids washing mode.  Furthermore, you can use an Ocisillation function for having a massage effect and a complete wash with an automated program.  Once this function is selected while you are using one of the washing modes, the nozzle will move back and forth.

  • Multi-level Adjustment Settings

You can adjust your preference of water pressure, temperature, and air dry, seat temperature through a waterproof keyboard.  You can set 5 levels of water pressure through an easy touch control keyboard, depending on your preference.   Four(4) levels of adjustment of water and seat temperature.

  • Enhanced personal hygiene through advanced nozzle technology

The nozzle of a bidet is an essential part of the total system.  It sprays water with different pressure, moves back and forth. Without it, bidet becomes almost meaningless. Furthermore, it has to work reliably for the entire lifetime of a bidet seat.  The Perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 7500 employs a stainless nozzle that has 3 holes.  Each hole has a specific task to perform: Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, and Turbo Wash.   This feature offers enhanced personal hygiene.

  • Replaceable Nozzle Cap and Auto or Manual Nozzle Cleaning

The nozzle cap is replaceable which makes a great way to separate a family use from other people. Also, the nozzle needs to be cleaned up from time to time since it may build up molds and other impurities.   The bidet toilet seat offers either automatic wash or manual wash of the nozzle. Check further details of the function in the provided manual in the package. The perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 7500 and Livingstar 7900 with a remote provide all the comprehensive functions you will need.

  • Energy savings with instant heating and a control

The perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 5900, 7500, and 7900 with a remote use instant heating method for various washing. One of the advantages of having an instant heating method is that it not only generates warm water instantly but also it saves energy without having a water tank to preserve the heat. The system also offers extra energy-saving by putting the system to the lowest possible energy consumption.

  • Water filter

The perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 5900, 7500, and Livingstar 7900 with a remote use both internal and external water filters. The external water filter provides a perfect way to liter any impurities coming into the unit.  In some regions of the US, water contains excessive lime and other natural ingredients the water, and those impurities are sometimes unfunctional of the bidet seat.  You may bypass installing the water filter if you believe the water does not contain lots of impurities. And the water filtration could be achieved through the internal water filter.

Convenient features 

  • Soft closing

The perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 7500 and Livingstar 7900 with a remote come with a soft closing function for the seat and lid. This feature prevents noise and also a long use of the unit without trouble.

  • Nightlight

During the night, it could be convenient to turn on the light in the bidet toilet seat.  You can turn the light on via a control keyboard.

  • Kid’s washing

A kid or a liability person may need this function. It automatically does a posterior wash for 1 minute, then 3 minutes of drying.

High-quality features

  • Crack resistive

The perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 5900, 7500, 7900 with a remote use high-quality material that ensures a long use of the product without having seat cracks. Seat crack may be developed by excessive pressure or applying heat to the seat for a long time.   By having a high-quality material, it can be prevented.

  • Waterproof keyboard

A bidet seat is located in a bathroom, where water or humidity can damage the unit, especially the keyboard.  LivingStar the perfect premium 7500, 7900 bidet seat employs a 100% waterproof keyboard so that it ensures water or humidity doesn’t infiltrate inside the keyboard.

Other value-added features

  • Replaceable nozzle cap

You can replace the nozzle cap on LivingStar 7500 Bidet Toilet Seat.  This feature strengthens the hygiene function of the bidet seat.

  • 1 pocket 3 holes or 1 pocket 2 holes

LivingStar 7500 and 7900 have a separate water spraying hole for posterior, bidet, and turbo washing separately available, ensuring a better way to manage hygiene.  The 5900 model has 2 holes dedicated for posterior or bidet wash.

Device Safety and Maintenance

The toilet bidet seat has built-in device safety features that prevent water overflow and overheat.

  • Anti-overflow valve

  • Anti-overheating switch and fuse

In summary, The perfect premium bidet seat LivingStar 5900 and 7500 is a Slim, Lightweight, One-Size-Fits-All concept.  Yet it is durable and reliable. The bidet toilet seat shall bring you multiple benefits. Energy-saving with instant heating, various washing modes (Posterior, Feminine, Turbo) with Oscillation(a massage function).  Nightlight, soft closing, multi-adjustable settings for your preferred water pressure, temperature, and heated seat temperature. Stainless steel nozzle with 1 pocket of 3 holes gives a better way for personal.


People Also Asks

What is the best bidet toilet seat?

Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat The best bidet for an individual depends on his or her need. One may try a mechanical, non-electrical bidet, that is relatively inexpensive and no electrical cost. They run anywhere between $30 to $100. It provides a basic wash function. If you are looking for that basic function, then the mechanical bidet seat is the right solution for you. Electrical Bidet Toilet Seat However, if you are looking for more sophisticated functions such as posterior and bidet washing with different levels of water pressure and warm water, then you would need an electrical bidet seat, which runs between $150 to $900, or more. The price range runs for various options and functions such as continuous or instant heating, various water pressure, and temperature controls, heated seat, different washing modes, and etc. The Perfect Premium 7500 Bidet Seat meets all the comprehensive bidet functions you will need and yet, it is highly reliable and shall bring you high satisfaction.

What is Wash and Bidet Wash?

Posterior Wash This is one of the common questions among beginners of bidet toilet seat users. But it is a very important question. The Wash function refers to a posterior washing. One may adjust water pressure and water temperature according to one’s preferences. Bidet Wash And a bidet washing is specifically designed for a feminine wash with the adjustment of water pressure and temperature. Sometimes a female doesn’t want to use a posterior wash and just uses a bidet wash function for various reasons. You may do that with the change of nozzle position. Generally, a bidet washing offers less pressure and more smooth water pressure so that some females prefer to use a bidet wash instead of a posterior wash by changing the nozzle position.

Do I need to move my body for a washing?

You may do so, however, the bidet toilet seat has the function to move the position of the nozzle; therefore, you may not move your body.

Do I still need to use paper after bidet toilet seat use?

Statistics from Asia indicate that about 35% of the people still use a paper towel before using the bidet seat. You still use a piece of paper towel after a wash function. However, if you run the washing and drying function 2 to 3 times, generally, you don’t need to use a power towel since it cleans up completely. Lastly, close the lid of the seat, then flush the water.

Do I have to sit on the seat to make the bidet toilet seat work?

Absolutely YES. Most electric bidet toilet seats have built-in a body sensor, which detects pressure or weight on the seat. For testing purposes, you may put your hand on the spot of the body sensor then press a wash key. You will hear the nozzle comes out of the unit. Then immediately remove your hand from the unit to prevent water spray. The body sensor prevents any accidental water spray so that one must sit on the seat to make the bidet toilet seat functioning.

How do I know my water supply has the right water pressure to make the bidet toilet seat working?

Generally, most houses or the first floor of a building can work with any bidet toilet seat. However, if you live above the first floor, then we recommend checking your water pressure before making a purchase. For LivingStar bidet seats require above 0.7 MPa (equivalent to 10.15 pounds-force per inch).

What is the difference between a tankless and tank-type bidet toilet seat?

Tankless Bidet Seat A tankless bidet toilet seat uses an immediate water heating method not requiring a water tank; it instantly warms up the water. Therefore, the tankless bidet toilet seat is also called “Instant Heating”. Furthermore, it saves energy since it doesn’t need to warm up the tank all the time. Tank-type Bidet Seat A tank-type bidet toilet seat requires a small tank inside the bidet toilet seat unit to continuously supply warm water. This type of bidet toilet seat is also called “Continuous Heating”. After the water runs out in the tank, the bidet toilet seat has to pull in the water into the tank requiring some time interval to warm up the water.

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