Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC

Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC

Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC is needed since people are getting infected by viruses and bacteria during their stay in a hospital by various sources, including a patient-to-patient infection caused by an endoscope.  Today, there is a trend that Hospital Acquired Infections are decreased in certain types of infection according to the statistics released by the CDC, thanks to efforts being made by the government and hospitals on disinfecting medical devices, tools, and the development of procedural prevention programs.  There are 1.7 million Americans who get Hospital Acquired Infections, costing $45 billion each year. The types of Hospital Acquired Infections are bloodstream,  pneumonia, urinary tract infection,  and surgical site infection.

Multiple steps to the cleansing endoscope

It takes multiple steps to clean, disinfect, and store endoscopes for the prevention of infection by the endoscope from one patient to another one.   The steps to clean and disinfect endoscopes are as follows: Pre-cleansing, Disassembly of all the parts and visual inspection to check any damages, Cleaning them with disinfectant, Drying, then finally Storage.     Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC 253.7 nanometer by AIAN Sterilizer has been designed for storing endoscopes safely.  Endoscopes can be infected through the air while hanging in an open space; therefore, a safe cabinet should be used.

Many benefits  with AIAN UV Sterilizer

One of the AIAN UV Sterilizers, the Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC has many valuable features.  It provides UV Sterilization capability to further disinfect endoscopes, mechanical hooks to put multiple endoscopes, 3 tiers rotating hooks, tempered glass, anti-rust material (SUS304), and external timer control. You may choose a Plasma technology instead of UV.  Plasma technology provides disinfection function through negative ions, which also removes bad smells possibly remaining at endoscopes. Both UVC and Plasma technologies are proven to be highly effective against bacteria and viruses.  Some of the recent researches on them have demonstrated that they are highly effective in deactivating, killing, or breaking off DNA cells of COVID-19 viruses.

Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC

UVC sterilization 

Endoscope Storage Cabinet by AIAN UV Sterilizer provides further sterilization.  Since the endoscopes can be exposed to open air and there are possibilities of getting virus infection through the air, it may need further UV sterilization with UVC 253.7 nanometer.  This feature allows an additional disinfection method for the endoscopes while they are stored in the endoscope storage cabinet.   Furthermore, you may choose the Plasma sterilization method to eradicate any bad smell remainder in the endoscopes.   

Multiple Endoscope Storage Rotating Hooks with 3 tiers 

You can put 4 endoscopes in the cabinet and use the UV sterilization function with an air-dryer.  The rotating storage hooks not only make it easy to put the endoscopes in the unit but also they get fresh air and UV rays evenly.

Endoscope-Storage-Cabinet with UV

Endoscope-Storage-Cabinet with UV

Endoscope-Storage-Cabinet with UV

External timer control for sterilization

While sterilizing endoscopes at the Endoscope Storage Hanger, you can use a built-in UV Sterilizer and control sterilization time through an external controller. This is useful especially when you need to track the time for the sterilization process.

Drying the endoscopes in the cabinet 

It is very important to dry endoscopes while storing them in the Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UV Sterilizer since bacteria such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa can be developed in a wet or high humidity. The AIAN UV Sterilizer circulates airflow in the unit ensuring fresh air comes into the unit and that makes drying out any liquid that remained in the endoscopes.

Anti-rust material being adapted (SUS304)

Due to the various chemical used for endoscope cleaning processes, the unit may be exposed to chemicals and rust can be developed. The Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC by AIAN UV Sterilizer uses anti-rust material, SUS304 that is being used in many industries.

Tempered glass

The Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC uses tempered glass for safety. Yet, it still allows you to see what is inside.


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