The family bidet seat meets all your expectations

The family bidet seat meets all your expectations and brings satisfaction

family bidet - a family image with a toilet seat

The family bidet by Living Star is simple, easy, and convenient, with built-in intelligence. It offers customizable washing options for a family, allowing for unlimited use of warm water instantly available and adjustable multiple settings for individual family members’ needs. It works perfectly for a family by offering:  

  • The best hygiene 
  • Various washes 
  • Multi-functional 
  • Energy-savings

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated - LivingStar 5900

Hygienic-focused bidet for a family

One of the main reasons people use a bidet is for hygiene, offering a complete wash without wipes. A family bidet must be hygienic, which requires supporting modules for hygiene: bidet nozzle, tankless, and bidet water filter attachment.

family bidet seat - a family image

How does a bidet serve an entire family member?

A family bidet needs to provide various washes to serve different washes for each family member

  • Basic Washes: Posterior or Bidet Wash
  • Turbo Wash: For Grandparents having issues in the morning
  • Automatic Wash: For a disabled person or aged adults
  • Wash for a kid

A family requires a multifunctional bidet seat.

Each family member needs a posterior wash, and the wife and grandmother need a female wash with a warm water bidet wash. The grandfather may be interested in a turbo wash with oscillation to ease delivery in the morning. Parents can reduce their efforts in child-rearing with a kid’s wash and dry for a kid. A family requires a multifunctional bidet seat.

Family bidet requires energy-savings

Sharing a bidet seat among family makes consuming heavy energy use. It is highly desirable to save energy as much as possible by a bidet featuring energy-savings.

Living Star Bidet Seats - Characteristics

How Does the Living Star bidet satisfy each family?

Living Star bidet meets all types of family requirements Since it can deliver all the features needed by a simple family to an extended family::

  • Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, and Kid’s Wash with oscillation mode
  • Particularly the Living Star 7500 and 7900  7100 are ideal solutions for an extended family.

oscillation with variable water pressure - livingstar bidet seat

Why is the Living Star a family bidet?

A family bidet must be multifunctional, hygienic, and satisfy each family member. Living Star bidet meets these requirements for they are:

  • Hygienic: tankless, multiple water openings bidet nozzle, automated nozzle cleaning, water filter attachment, and easy to clean and maintain
  • Meets multi-family requirements
  • Multifunctional: heated seat, warm water, warm air dryer, automatic wash for bidet and posterior wash
  • Satisfies each family member with various washes controlled by adjustable settings and automatic programs
  • Energy-savings with the tankless and energy-saving assisted mode 

A family can choose a bidet seat from one of the Living Star bidet seats, providing unique features for each family member with a simple to comprehensive wash.

A family with a husband and a wife may need 5900 with the automatic wash, which provides a simple and easy use.

Living Star Bidet Enhances Hygiene For A Family. 

Living Star offers the best hygiene through tankless with multiple water openings on the bidet nozzle. A bidet nozzle is the core bidet part that sprays the water with user-predefined water pressure and temperature. The Living Star Bidet nozzle system is designed and developed based on family hygiene, serving a family with two(2) or three(3) spraying holes, depending on the model. They support a self-nozzle cleaning after each use, ensuring a clean nozzle. In addition, they support automatic or manual nozzle cleaning.

Living Star Bidet ModelsNozzle Configuration

Living Star 5900

Living Star 7100

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated LivingStar 5900 - 2 holes on bidet nozzle

 One stainless nozzle with 2 holes

Living Star 7500

Living Star 7900

LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat Elongated
 One stainless nozzle with 3 holes

Living Star meets different types of family requirements. 

The types of families are different; thus, the bidet seat needs to meet those different family types. The below describes different scenarios of families’ requirements and Living Star bidet solutions to their needs.

Recommended bidet for a family

My situationOption AOption B
Husband and Wife59007500

Having a constipation issue: Turbo Wash Bidet is needed.

75007900 or 7100
Extended Family with kids75007900 or 7100
I Need an Oscillation mode5900, 75007900 or 7100
Automatic WashApplicable to all models

I need a remote bidet79007100


Living Star Is a Multi-functional Bidet For A Family.

Living Star bidet seats are multi-functional with highly adjustable settings for the seat, air dryer, and water temperatures, maximizing family convenience. They offer nightlight, slow-closing, and water filter attachment.

Air Dryer

After a wash, air drying is the final step using a bidet seat, taking 3 minutes with temperature variations between the range of 100F to 150F.

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - warm air dryer

Heated Seat

Living Star provides variable temperature settings for a heated seat. The 5900 model offers three(3) temperatures, while the others provide four(4) settings.

bidet toilet seat - heated seat


The Living Star 7500, 7900, and 7100 provide a nightlight, helping to navigate the bidet seat without bothering others by turning on other lights.

Living Star Bidet Seats - Nightlight


Water filter

The Living Star bidet toilet seats incorporate an external water filter attachment to eliminate impurities in water before the water comes into the bidet seat, helping family hygiene.

Perfect bidet seat 7500 Elongated


A bidet seat is vulnerable to sharp drop since it embraces delicate electronics in the unit. The Living Star bidet seats prevent sharp drops with the slow-closing mechanism.

elongated toilet seat - slow closing


Living Star offers various automated washing programs for a family.

bidet toilet seats - comprehensive washing 7500 bidet

Kid’s wash:

A wash program for a kid, washing for one(1) minute of washing and three(3) minutes of drying.

Turbo wash:

Allows a thorough washing for 1 minute with three(3) levels of preset water pressure and five(5) nozzle positions.

Automatic wash:

A washing and drying program for one(1) minute of washing and three minutes of air drying

Energy-saving and eco-friendly tankless bidet

A typical bidet seat consumes about 1200 Watts in operation. A tank-type bidet seat uses more energy to keep warm water in the water tank.

A tankless bidet spends less energy since it instantly heats and sprays warm water without keeping warm water in a tank. The tankless is more hygienic by eliminating the need for a tank, which can harbor bacteria or molds, making tankless more suitable for a family bidet.

LivingStar Bidet Seat Tankless

Tank-type vs. Tankless Bidet

The following explains why a tankless is suitable for a family.



Consuming more energyConsuming 47% less energy than tank-type
Vulnerable to harboring bacteriaNo tank means no bacteria in a tank
No fresh waterUses fresh water all the time.

Best Family Bidet Seat

The Living Star bidet seats adapt tankless, offering the best hygiene, energy-saving, instant warm water, the best suit for the family bidet.

Quick overview of each model of Living Star Bidet

The primary focus of the Living Star bidet is on hygiene with advanced tankless and nozzle technology, which is the core part of the bidet. In addition, they benefit a family with various washes, energy savings, and unique features.

Automatic Washing Bidet 5900

electronic bidet toilet seat

Focused on an entry-level bidet seat for beginners, which does not require a setup, pressing a button will let you use a posterior or bidet wash. This model is suitable for a family with a husband and wife who use either a wash for a bidet or posterior using a dedicated hole among the two holes.


Comprehensive Washing Bidet 7500

Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar Premium 7500

Comprehensive washing focuses such as Turbo, Kid, and Automatic Washing for advanced features.


Advanced Washing Bidet 7900

LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat with Remote

 Maximizes convenience through the remote for advanced washing features: Turbo, Automatic, and wash for a kid.


Smart Washing Bidet 7100

Bidet Toilet Seats - Living Star 7100

 Features unique SmartCare, leveraging historical data of the user temperature settings of the seat, water, and air dryer.


Summary of the best family bidet seat by Living Star

A family bidet seat needs a multi-functional bidet that satisfies all family members, featuring simple to comprehensive washing, best hygienic, and energy-saving.

Living Star bidet seat is the answer to what a family needs, which offers luxury comfort and hygienic features with tankless, simple use, comprehensive washes, energy-savings, and automated functions for individual family members.

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