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The best family bidet seats offered by LivingStar are simple, easy, and convenient with their built-in intelligent features. Washing is the core bidet function of a bidet seat and Living Star seats can be tailored to what a family member need by choosing the right model.

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated - LivingStar 5900

What are the particulars about Living Star bidet seats?

A family can choose a bidet seat from one of the Living Star bidet seats, which are characterized by each model, which has been designed and developed for different groups of users, who might need a simple operation, comprehensive wash, advanced washes with a remote, and unique smart wash.

Quick overview of each model of Living Star Bidet

Automatic Washing Bidet 5900

electronic bidet toilet seat

Focused on an entry-level bidet seat for beginners, without needing a setup, press a posterior or bidet button, and ready to wash. This model is suitable for a family consisting of a husband and wife with its two holes nozzle system.
Comprehensive Washing Bidet 7500

Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar Premium 7500

Comprehensive washing focus such as Turbo, Kid, and Automatic wash for advanced users.
Advanced Washing Bidet 7900

LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat with Remote

Maximizing convenience through the remote for advanced washing features: Turbo, Automatic, and Kid’s Wash.
Smart Washing Bidet 7100

Bidet Toilet Seats - Living Star 7100

Featuring unique Smart Washing such as SmartCare, and Rhythm Wash. Leveraging previous users’ data for offering the best user experience.


The commonality of each model focuses on enhanced hygiene with advanced tankless and nozzle technology and additionally benefits users with energy savings.  Each family member may have a different objective using a family bidet.

family bidet

How does a bidet serve an entire family member?

A family bidet needs to provide multifunctional washes to serve different types of washing needs among family members.


  • Basic Washes: Posterior or Bidet Wash
  • Turbo Wash: For Grandparents having issues in the morning
  • Automatic Wash: For a disabled person in the family
  • Kid’s Wash:  For Children 

A family bidet seat needs to be multifunctional

A family member may consist of a husband and wife, kids, grandfather, and grandmother.  Each member of the family needs a common posterior wash function; however, the wife and grandmother need a female wash with a soft warm water bidet sprayer.  The grandfather may want a turbo wash with oscillation stimulating the anal muscles for easy delivery in the morning.  Kid’s wash is necessary for the children with an automatic wash and dry program reducing parent’s child-rearing efforts.  Considering all these requirements of a family member, who may need more than one bidet seat or a bidet can satisfy what a family needs.

oscillation with variable water pressure - livingstar bidet seat

How Living Star bidet satisfy each family’s needs?

Living Star Bidet Seats - Characteristics Living Star bidet meets the extended family requirements. Since it can deliver all the features needed by an extended family:

Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, and Kid’s Wash with oscillation mode, particularly the Living Star 7500 and 7900  7100 shall be an ideal solution for an extended family.

A family may consist of a husband and wife, and in this case, they may just need 5900 with automatic washing, which is a simple bidet seat.


Bidet comparison for a family

Recommended Bidet Option 1 Recommended Bidet Option 2
Husband and Wife 5900 7500
Having a constipation issue

(Turbo Wash Bidet is needed)

7500 7900 or 7100
Extended Family with kids 7500 7900 or 7100
I Need an Oscillation mode 5900, 7500 7900 or 7100
Automatic Wash All models are applicable, particularly 5900 is simple to operate. All models are applicable, particularly 5900 is simple to operate.
I need a remote bidet 7900 7100

The above chart is only for a recommendation.

Hygienic focused bidet for a family

One of the main reasons why people use a bidet is for hygiene that completely washes without needing to wipe. That is the main concern.  Therefore, a bidet seat must be hygienic. In order to serve this core need, a bidet nozzle, tankless bidet, and bidet water filter attachment become important.

Bidet Nozzle Sprayer for the best family bidet

A bidet nozzle is one of the core bidet parts, that sprays the water with predefined water pressure and temperature. The Living Star Bidet nozzle system has been designed and developed based on the importance of family hygiene serving each family member.  They are either 2 spraying holes or 3 spraying holes to serve individual family members’ needs.  Both types support an automatic nozzle cleaning function after each use of the Living Star bidet. In addition, they support the function to clean up the bidet nozzle by pressing a button on the bidet keyboard.

Living Star Bidet Models Nozzle Configuration
Living Star 5900

Living Star 7100


Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated LivingStar 5900 - 2 holes on bidet nozzle

One stainless nozzle with 2 holes
Living Star 7500

Living Star 7900

LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat Elongated
One stainless nozzle with 3 holes


Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - warm air dryer

Air Dryer

After a wash with one of the Living Star bidet seats, air drying is a necessary feature for complete drying without needing toilet paper. The air drying takes 3 minutes with temperature variations between the range of 100F to 150F.


bidet toilet seat - heated seat

Heated Seat

Living Star provides different temperature settings for a heated seat. The 5900 model provides 3 different temperature settings while the rest of the models offer 4 temperature settings. The heated seat comfortably warms up your body in the morning and lets you be ready for taking warm washing and warm air drying. 



Living Star 7500, 7900, and 7100 have a nightlight function for your convenience during the night.  Particularly, Living Star 7100 offers an automatic nightlight turning-on function when it gets dark. 

Living Star Bidet Seats - Nightlight


Perfect bidet seat 7500 Elongated

Water filter

All the Living Star bidet toilet seat product family uses an external water filter to clean any impurities potentially coming into the unit.  This helps to promote personal hygiene among a family.



elongated toilet seat - slow closing


A bidet seat needs to be protected from any accidental pressure since it has delicate electronics inside the seat; therefore, Living Star seats are mechanically able to close slowly without dropping from the open position.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly tankless bidet

A typical bidet seat consumes about 1200 Watts in operation, and in standby mode, it takes about 10 watts, furthermore, it may consume more energy to warm up the water tank, if you are using a tank-type bidet seat.

A tankless bidet or also called an Instant Heating bidet toilet seat reduces energy use since it doesn’t need to heat up; water is instantly ready to serve as you need it. Since there is no tank, no chance of bacteria or molds in the tank. This is one of the reasons for using a tankless bidet. LivingStar Bidet Seat Tankless


Tank-type vs. Tankless Bidet

See the table below for how much you can save with the Instant Heating Bidet Seat.  The data in the table has been tested by different bidet seat models comparing energy use. It illustrates that you can save about $20 annually with instant heating, and another $20 by using the Energy-saving mode offered by LivingStar Bidet Seats.

Testing Data in standby mode

Tank type Living Star (Tankless) Energy-saving mode On
Daily Energy Use 0.9 KWh 0.42 KWh 0.11 KWh
Daily Cost (US Average) 13 cents 5.46 cents 1.4 cents
Yearly Energy Use 328 KWh 153 KWh 40 KWh
Yearly Cost $42,69 $19.92 $5.11

Testing conditions: Standby mode in 24 hours

Save your money with an eco-friendly hygienic bidet

From the above chart, the LivingStar Instant Heating bidet seat consumes about 47% of energy as compared to the tank-type bidet seat. Best Family Bidet Seat

Also, by enabling the Energy-saving mode with Living Star bidet seats, you will save about $37 yearly, assuming that you put the system in standby mode, without using the bidet seat (this is to demonstrate how much you will be saving by using the Instant Heating and Energy-saving mode). We also recommend closing the top lid and setting the seat temperature low when you are not using it.  Also, it would be helpful for saving electricity to unplug the power cord when you are traveling.


By combining all of the features mentioned above, you are not only saving the cost but also enhancing your personal hygiene via LivingStar Bidet Seats. The bottom line is to save 47% or more per annum while enhancing your personal hygiene.

A Tank-type bidet toilet seat – Inefficient use of electrical energy

A tank-type bidet toilet seat always has to keep warm water in the tank; therefore, there is a waste of energy, when the bidet seat is not in use.  The waste of energy with a tank-type bidet toilet seat also depends on your preferential temperature setting of the water.  The higher the temperature, the more cost to pay.

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