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How to choose the best bidet toilet seat for your home?

In order to choose the best bidet toilet seat for your home, one has to consider a couple of important factors before making a decision. First of all, one needs to find out the shape, size, and type of the existing toilet at the restroom.  Also, there are many bidet toilet seats available in the market. Generally, the more sophisticated functions of the bidet toilet seat, the more cost associated with the product.  However, if you think about the money you are spending per day per usage versus the benefits, it could be affordable for you and your entire family.

What is the best bidet toilet seat for me?

Find the style and shape of your existing toilet bowl (One-piece vs. two-piece toilet)

Most of the toilets today are two-piece types; however, sometimes there is a one-piece type installed.  There are many advantages of using a one-piece toilet, however, it is difficult to install a bidet toilet seat onto a one-piece type since there is not much room to put the bidet seat on the toilet. Check the dimension of the one-piece toilet before making a decision.

Below is a photo of a one-piece toilet. As you see from the photo, the water tank, and the bowl is connected in one piece. What makes it difficult to install a toilet bidet seat for this ONE-PIECE type is that there is not enough space between the fixing holes and the water tank.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat

Below is an example of a two-piece toilet that gives an opportunity for installing a bidet toilet seat. Whether you have a one-piece or two-piece type, you should check the length between two fixing holes as well as the distance between the center of the hold to the water tank.


Best Bidet Toilet Seat

Below diagram labeled as “A” is the distance between the center of the fixing holes of a toilet. Best Bidet Toilet Seat LivingStar requires greater than 5.51 inches and less than 7.84 inches. Also, the space between the center of the two holes to the water tank needs greater than 1.5 inches. (depicted as “B”).

Best Bidet toilet seat

  • Shape and size of toilet

In order to have the best bidet toilet seats for you, now we need to check the shape and size of the toilet you have.

French curved toilet is NOT recommended to install a bidet toilet seat since it doesn’t give enough space to install a bidet seat.

Best bidet toilet seat

We also need to check the available space (length) of the toilet.  Generally, the length of the toilet is important to install the toilet bidet seat.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat


Other concerns for choosing my best bidet toilet seat.

  • Mechanical vs. Electrical

A mechanical bidet is an inexpensive solution for you. However, you won’t have warm water spray, warm air for drying, a heated seat with various controls. Some mechanical bidet allows for adjusting water pressure. It could be a good option for a starter for a bidet experience.

  • Continuous water heating vs. Instant heating

Today’s bidet toilet seats have become more sophisticated and some advanced bidet toilet seats even do not use a water tank, called tankless bidet toilet seat or instant heating.  A tankless or continuous bidet seat uses a water tank to the continuous water supply.  Generally, they are inexpensive than that of a tankless or instant heating bidet toilet seat.  There are two main advantages to using tankless or instant water heating bidet seats.  There is no time gap for supplying warm water, unlike a tank type. bidet toilet seat.  Furthermore, since it doesn’t need a tank to keep warm water, the instant heating toilet bidet seat saves energy as compared to the tank-type bidet toilet seat.

  • Washing modes

Generally, most electrical bidet seat provides various washing modes: Posterior, Bidet(a feminine wash), Turbo Washing.  Turbo Washing is an automated washing process with nozzle movement and different levels of water pressure. Furthermore, a sophisticated bidet toilet seat provides a massage function that allows similar to that of a Turbo washing, but it works with a normal posterior and bidet washing.

  • Adjustments of water pressure, water temperature, and air temperature

Other key advantages of an electrical bidet toilet seat are adjustable water pressure, water temperature, air temperature for drying, and seat temperature. The best bidet toilet seat provides these functions that you will need.

  • Nozzle technology

The nozzle of an electrical bidet toilet seat is a very important part of the system since it sprays water with different pressure, temperature, and position.  There are two types of nozzle: a plastic-made material or a stainless steel nozzle.   Also, an electrical bidet toilet seat has an automatic clean or manual clean function.  An automatic clean function allows a self-cleaning of the nozzle.  However, from time to time, you may need to clean up the nozzle thoroughly.

The best bidet toilet seat LivingStar

LivingStar 5900 (Instant Heating, Simple Use)

LivingStar 5900 is an affordable and high-quality bidet seat for you and your family.  It provides all the necessary functions of a bidet seat, yet it is an affordable and reliable solution.   The automatic wash is one of the best functions for your convenience. It provides automated wash and nozzle movement without needing any keyboard operation.


LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat


LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat

LivingStar 5900 is slim, lightweight, and durable.  It is measured by s measured by 20.27 inches long fitting most elongated shape bidet seats.


LivingStar 7500 (Instant Heating, Comprehensive Bidet Functions)

LivingStar 7500 is an advanced bidet seat that provides comprehensive bidet functions with multiple adjustments via a smart touch keyboard.  It is an instant heating system that is better for your personal hygiene since it is tankless, and it saves energy.

  • Instant Heating (Tankless): Enhances Personal Hygiene, Energy Saving. Immediately, continuously, endlessly supplying heated water

  • Personalize your settings with Multi-Adjustable Water Pressure(5 levels), Water Temperature(4 levels), Seat Temperature(4 levels), Air Dryer(5 levels), Nozzle Position(5 positions)  Various Washing Modes: Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid, Oscillation (a massage function).

  • Enhanced Personal Hygiene Via Stainless Steel, 1 pocket 3 holes that offer the exclusive use for posterior, bidet, and turbo wash.  The replaceable nozzle cap, nozzle cleansing by automated or manual, water filter bring you additional hygienic benefits.

  • High quality & conveniences: 100% Waterproof keyboard, Nightlight, Soft Closing of the lid and seat, anti-crack material being used for the lid and seat for longer use

The best bidet toilet seat, LivingStar 7500  is measured by 20.27 inches long. This length should fit most of the toilets in the market.  It is a slim and one-size-fits-all design concept yet it is a reliable and powerful machine. The best bidet toilet seat LivingStar 7500 should bring you a fresh morning experience with its high satisfactory functions.

  • Energy Savings with the Instant Heating Technology

The best bidet toilet seat LivingStar 7500 uses an instant water heating method without needing a tank to keep warm water.  This means you can continually use warm water at your warm water temperature preference. Furthermore, it saves energy since the system doesn’t use a tank to keep warm water. It instantly warms up the water.  In comparison to a tank-type bidet toilet seat, the best bidet toilet seat LivingStar 7500 saves about 50% of the electrical bill.  You may further save energy by turning on the “Energy Save:” mode.  While you are in the Energy Saving mode, the energy spending will be minimum. We recommend you use this function while you are NOT using it during the entire day.

  • Air bubble technology

The best bidet toilet seat LivingStar 7500 generates a soft air bubble that makes you feel comfortable.

  • Stainless Nozzle, 1 pocket 3 holes

The type of nozzle in the bidet toilet seat is one of the factors to choose the best bidet toilet seat for you. It is an essential part of the bidet toilet seat.  LivingStar, the best bidet toilet seat 7500 uses a stainless nozzle. Furthermore, the nozzle has 3 separate holes for each washing mode: posterior, bidet, and turbo washing.  Also, the nozzle cap is replaceable.  This means you can replace the cap after a certain time of use.

  • Washing modes and controls

Controlling the nozzle with various water pressure, temperature, and position is another factor to choosing your best bidet toilet seat LivingStar allows you to have full control of these.  There are 5 levels of water pressure, 4 levels of water temperature, 4 levels of seat temperature, and 5 levels of warm air settings available.  You have posterior, feminine (bidet), turbo washing modes. Besides these washing modes, you have also automated washing: a Kid’s wash and Oscillation wash.  Kid’s wash is an automated washing mode for a kid, it works for 1 minute of washing, then 3 minutes of drying.  An Oscillation is another type of automated washing mode that provides an additional convenient function moving the nozzle back and forth.  The Oscillation mode allows a massage effect with a posterior, feminine(bidet), and turbo washing. To initiate this additional feature, press the Wash, Bidet, or Turbo key for 3 seconds. With these value-added features, you will have the best bidet toilet seat for you and your home.

  • Waterproof keyboard

Since a bidet toilet seat is installed in a restroom, where the unit is surrounded by high humidity, and sometimes water spills onto the keyboard. Then the keyboard may not function.  To avoid this particular issue, the best bidet toilet seat LivingStar 7500 uses a 100% waterproof keyboard ensuring the best user experience without disruption of the functions through the keyboard.

  • Heated seat

The seat gets cold during the night and it makes a hard feeling to sit on the seat. Having a heated seat can make you feel comfortable.

  • Nightlight

A nightlight provides conveniences during the night.  Most people are having a hard time finding the toilet at the night. The best bidet toilet seat LivingStar 7500 has the ability to turn the light on during the night.

  • Soft closing for the lid and seat

After the use of the seat, the best bidet toilet seat LivingStar 7500 closes the lid and seat quietly and slowly without creating noises.

  • Water filter

Using an external water filter attached to the bidet seat is a good option, especially, if you live in a region where the water contains heavy impurities. The water filter removes any impurities in the water before coming into the unit.  This makes the longer lifecycle of the unit.  Additionally, the best bidet toilet seat LivingStar 7500 has an internal mesh structure to filter out the impurities possibly coming through the external filter.


The Best Bidet Toilet Seat LivingStar 7500 is your choice of the best bidet toilet seat.  It is highly reliable and yet has a good design to fit nicely for your home.  

LivingStar 7900

LivingStar 7900 is a comprehensive bidet seat solution with a dual control via side keyboard panel and remote control.   It embraces all the benefits of LivingStar 7500, yet offers you more convenient features.


LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat with Remote

Ergonomic Design

An Instant Heating System that has been ergonomically designed to work the best for you and your entire family. It is a slim, lightweight, and durable design.  The soft air bubble technology makes you feel comfortable and easy. It uses the most current instant heating method that makes warm water instantly without needing a water tank inside the unit (Tankless). This feature enhances your personal hygiene and allows you to save the cost of energy.  Additionally, by turning to the Energy-saving mode, you can save more costs.  The washing function of a bidet seat is the core feature and what makes a good cleansing effect is highly dependant on the durability of the nozzle, adjustable water temperature, and water pressure.


DUAL CONTROL VIA REMOTE AND SIDE KEYBOARD provides convenience to set your desired level of water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, and air dryer.  You can easily adjust these settings via the wireless remote control.   Additionally, you can use the side panel keyboard, ensuring seamless use of your bidet toilet seat.

LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat with Remote


Check further details of each LivingStar Bidet Seat 


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to install a water filter with the LivingStar bidet toilet seats?

Perfect bidet seat 7500 Elongated

No, you can always bypass installing a water filter that comes with the LivingStar Bidet Toilet Seats. However, it is helpful to utilize the water filter for certain regions where the water contains excessive lime or other minerals. Those impurities can be harmful to the unit.

How about checking wattage at my restroom to use the bidet seat?

Yes, it should be helpful to check available wattage at the restroom. In certain cases, you may not able to run a hairdryer and the bidet seat at the same time due to a shortage of available capacity. If you have 1200 Watts available, you shouldn’t have an issue with the electrical capacity at your restroom.

What is Wash and Bidet Wash?

This is one of the common questions among the beginner of bidet toilet seat users. But it is a very important question. Wash referees to a posterior washing. One may adjust water pressure and water temperature according to one’s preferences. And a bidet washing is specifically designed for a feminine wash with adjustable water pressure and temperature. Sometimes a female doesn’t want to use a posterior wash and just use a bidet wash function for various reasons. You may do that with the change of nozzle position. Generally, a bidet washing offers less pressure and more smooth water pressure so that some females prefer to use a bidet wash instead of a posterior wash by changing the nozzle position.

Do I need to move my body for a washing?

You may do so, however, the bidet toilet seat has the function to move the position of the nozzle; therefore, you may not need to move your body.

Do I still need to use paper after bidet toilet seat use?

Statistics from Asia indicate that about 35% of the people still use a paper towel before using the bidet seat. You may still use a piece of paper towel after a wash function. However, if you run the washing and drying function 2 to 3 times, generally, you don’t need to use a power towel since it cleans up completely. Lastly, close the lid of the seat, then flush the water.

Do I have to sit on the seat to make the bidet toilet seat work?

Absolutely YES. Most electric bidet toilet seats have built-in a body sensor, which detects pressure or weight on the seat. For a testing purpose, you may put your hand on the spot of the body sensor then press a wash key. You will hear the nozzle comes out of the unit. Then immediately remove your hand from the unit to prevent water spray. The body sensor prevents any accidental water spray so that one must sit on the seat to make the bidet toilet seat functional.

How do I know my water supply has the right water pressure to make the bidet toilet seat working?

Generally, most houses or the first floor of a building can work with any bidet toilet seat. However, if you live above the first floor, then we recommend checking your water pressure before making a purchase. For LivingStar bidet seats require above 0.7 MPa (equivalent to 10.15 pounds-force per inch).

How regularly do I need to clean up the bidet toilet seat?

It depends on the frequency of the use. However, if you see any molds or any marks in the bidet toilet seat or toilet, we recommend cleaning up the seat with a soft cloth. Please do NOT use any brushes, made of steel, which can make scratches in the unit. We highly recommend using warm water; any chemicals such as alcohol may cause discoloration of the seat.

How do I save my electrical bill with the bidet seat being installed?

The LivingStar bidet seats are an Instant Heating machine and that already saves energy. Further to this saving feature, there is an Energy Saving button on your keyboard with the 7500 and 7900 models. This function provides an ability to set the machine in the lowest energy spending mode.

What is the difference between a tankless and tank-type bidet toilet seat?

A tankless bidet toilet seat uses an immediate water heating method not requiring a water tank; it instantly warms up the water. Therefore, the tankless bidet toilet seat is also called “Instant Heating”. Furthermore, it saves energy since it doesn’t need to warm up the tank all the time. A tank-type bidet toilet seat requires a small tank inside the bidet toilet seat unit to continuously supply warm water. This type of bidet toilet seat is also called “Continuous Heating”. After the water runs out in the tank, the bidet toilet seat has to pull in the water into the tank requiring some time-interval to warm up the water.

What is the warranty period of the best bidet toilet seat LivingStar bidet seats?

We provide a one year warranty.