personal hygiene and healthy living

Personal hygiene and healthy living really matter today

One not only needs to protect himself but also cares for others as well since your personal hygiene directly impact others: your family member, relatives, and neighbors.  What are the best practices to promote and make yourself a habitual routine for daily cleanness?   According to CDC guideline, body, facial, and dental hygiene is important.    Especially washing hands help stop the spreading of COVID-19 viruses.

LivingStar helps you and your family personal hygiene and healthy living

LivingStar helps you and your family with personal hygiene and healthy living. It has a line of products that are high quality and affordable, helping or promoting personal cleanness.  We offer you our associated brands such as ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bags, AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer, which is originally developed for a baby bottle sterilizer, and LivingStar Bidet Toilet Seat.   Each of these products is beneficial to your personal hygiene and healthy living.

ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bags

Breastfeeding helps children for healthy living

The study indicates that breastfed children are visiting fewer hospitals than non-breastmilk-fed children. The breastmilk contains necessary vitamins and helps to develop allergy resistance during the infant, which makes him or her healthy living.

ThanksBaby design concept

ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bags was designed by a number of working mothers, who highly concern about their baby.  Especially while they are working, their baby needs the mother’s breastmilk. They considered the bag has to be durable, safe, and portable. The ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bags was born by these three important concepts originated from the number of mothers.


ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag provides several key features for storing your most valuable breastmilk.  You can zip the bag with a double zipper ensuring the milk will not spill. It also allows self-standing so that you can store multiple bags easily in your fridge.

Safe to use

Consumer Testing Lab tested the ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag under Food Contact Materials according to  9-54 SOP with reference to Title 21 of the US Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 175 – 181. It is also proven that the materials are BPA-free, and there is no Lead or Phthalates tested by a third-party lab.


ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bags are portable thanks to made of sturdy materials.  Once you put it into a fridge, you can store it for more than a couple of months.

Multiple valuable features

ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag 8.45oz shall bring you many valuable benefits: Thermal indicator, Volume indicator, Date tracking, Two-way outlets, and perforated for easy cut.

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer was designed and developed for sterilizing and drying baby bottles.  However, since the pandemic broke out, it has been used as personal protective equipment for sterilizing various daily use items.  Dr.’s offices use this particular product for sanitizing N95 masks, which becomes unavailable in the market due to lack of supply.

There are many advantages of AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer:

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer is durable, easy and simple to use, and fast helping personal hygiene

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer helps your personal hygiene by sanitizing your daily use items. It utilizes UV 253.7 nanometer rays, which is proven to be the most effective spectrum removing bacteria and viruses.  It is made of durable material.  For instance, it uses tempered glass in the door ensuring the UV rays will not travel outside of the unit.

Simple to use

By pressing a button, it starts sterilizing and drying at the same time.  Many moms love AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer for this simple function without needing any other procedures.  You will hear an audio message saying it has started operation.  After 20 minutes later, there is another message indicating ending operation.

Fast operation

It takes only 20 minutes to complete an operation cycle, yet it offers spacious room inside the unit, 1060 cubic inches offering you to put multiple items.  You can also use removable trays to put more items.   Thanks to the self-mirroring structure, the rays can travel at every possible angle, which helps to sanitize items in the dead-angle from the rays. A combination of the UV Rays, Far InfraRed, also highly effective to kill viruses and bacteria, and patented hexagonal mirroring structure allows the fast operation.

Air circulation

It has built-in air circulating mechanism by having a fan and air filter in the back of the unit, which allows fresh airflow through the unit while filtering air already been used in the unit.

LivingStar Bidet Toilet Seat

The bidet toilet seat definitely helps personal hygiene using multifunctional features of the bidet seat.  The water sprayer with bidet seat offers complete cleaning and the warm air dryer also helps to remove water.  These functions alone already offer you great personal hygiene.   Furthermore, one can use other functions such as turbo wash and oscillation mode for a better way of cleansing effect while massaging with warm water. It is known to be a fact that bidet toilet seats generally help to reduce hemorrhoids since one does not need to wipe, which makes the issue even get worse.  LivingStar helps personal hygiene and healthy living with its multiple products and high-quality, affordable solutions.

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