What is machine learned bidet seat

What is machine learned bidet seat?

Bidet toilet seat is not an exception to be a machine learning device. The machine learned device can benefit the users in many aspects.  What if a bidet seat is a machine learning device?  A user usually sets his or her preferred water pressure, water temperature, and air dryer temperature then uses a bidet seat.  The user’s preferred data set offers an opportunity for data modeling of an individual’s optimized water pressure and temperature, air dryer temperature, nozzle position, and movement.  Furthermore, the machine learned data can be used for even more sophisticated functions such as the best massage effect for a particulate individual.

what is machine learned bidet seat

What are the benefits and applications of machine learned bidet seats?

What is machine learned bidet seat
data modeling diagram for machine learned bidet seat

Machine learned bidet seat offers more comfortable services for users

The results of machine learned data, optimized for an individual’s preferred water pressure, water temperature, and air dryer temperature are more accurate than human-operated settings via keyboard; therefore, it offers better services for users. The machine learned data can be accumulated over time, and often that data is even more accurate than the user’s manual settings, which can be changed at any time by the user upon his or her choices. The machine starts understanding data and analyzes the variations and patterns of user behavior. Then it performs data modeling for evaluation and feature engineering. Finally, it executes the optimal output of learned data.  The execution can be only achieved when the user presses an executable button.

Machine learned bidet seat works the best for disabilities and seniors

The machine learned bidet seats are highly beneficial to disabilities and seniors. Once data is collected and modeled, then the bidet seat shall output optimized and personalized water pressure, water temperature, and air dryer by pressing a button. This unique feature not only helps the disabled and seniors without setting the temperatures and pressure manually, but also it gives the most comfortable level of the temperatures and pressure.  Furthermore, a delicate massage effect with nozzle move with cold & hot water can be achieved through the machine learned bidet seat.

LivingStar 7100 bidet seat uses machine learned data modeling

LivingStar 7100 bidet seat is enabled by machine learning, which shall bring an opportunity to serve better for the users. The optimized water temperature, water pressure, and air dryer temperature shall be executed via a functional key “SmartCare“.  For the best performance of the SmartCare, the user may need to use the bidet seat over a month period with preferred settings. Then, the bidet seat understands and delivers the user’s unique preferences of the water temperature and pressure, and air dryer temperature. Our next goal is to utilize the bidet nozzle positions and their movement data set, then use them for even more sophisticated functions such as massage or deep cleansing with the learned data.

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