What makes easy to install bidet toilet

What makes it easy to install a bidet toilet?

What makes easy to install bidet toilet - conceptual image of easy installation

Installing a bidet seat reflects your existing toilet bowl, and you should consider some factors associated with the installation. In order to install correctly your toilet bowl, you should know the shape of your existing toilet bowl. Getting the wrong bidet seat shape for your bowl lets you waste time and money for yourself and the brand. Please check your toilet bowl before making a purchase decision.

release button for entire unit cleaning - bidet toilet seat

Self-assessment before choosing a bidet seat.

Please check some of the essential factors in your bathroom and toilet. Putting time for checking prior to buying a bidet seat should reduce unnecessary work and make it easy to install. Carefully check each item, then we suggest looking for a bidet that works perfectly for you.

1. What is my toilet shape?

Sometimes, finding your bowl shape makes it hard, whether you have a round or elongated toilet shape. Here are the details about a round or elongated bowl shape.

The typical length of the Elongated bidet toilet seats

The typical elongated toilet length is between 20 to 23 inches. However, the size varies from model to model tied to a brand. For further information about the measurement, please click here. 


Elongated bidet toilet seats


The typical length of the round bidet toilet seats

The length of a round bidet seat is typically 19.4″ inches.

2. Keep in mind the size and shape of your toilet

Once you know the measurement of the bowl, then you know what you are looking for. Below is a comparison drawing of the round and elongated bidet seat, which is the most common size variation; however, it may differ by brand.

 Round Seat Example Elongated Seat Example
easy install bidet toilet seat easy install bidet toilet seat

The horizontal length of the bowl could tell you whether you will need a round or elongated seat. The round bowl typically measures 7.8″, and the elongated shape is 8.5″. Also, find the vertical length: 19.4″ is round, and 20.8″ is elongated.

3. What is the size of the water opening pipe?

The most common size of the pipe is either 1/2″ or 3/4″; however, there is rarely a different water opening size besides 1/2″ or 3/4″. In this case, you should talk to the brand before purchasing a bidet seat. Once you find out your water opening pipe, then you should check T-Valve and Conversion Nut offered by the brand you are trying to buy from. Below demonstrates the fitting differences from model to model among the LivingStar Bidet Seats.


T-Valve:  1/2″ or 3/4″ Example

(LS-5900, LS-7500, LS-7900)

T-Valve:  1/2″ or 3/4″ Example

(LS-5300, LS-5700, LS-7500)

LivingStar 5900, 7500, 7900 T-valve easy install bidet toilet seat ls-5300 5700 7500
Conversion Nuts Example

(LS-5900, LS-7500, LS-7900)

Conversion Nuts Example

(LS-5300, LS-5700, LS-7500)

easy install bidet toilet seat ls-5300 5700 7500 easy install bidet toilet seat ls-5300 5700 7500

4. What about the water pressure?

The water pressure is good to install a bidet for most houses or apartments. However, if you live on the 2nd floor or higher, water pressure to the bidet seat might be an issue, so you should have a bidet seat that has an internal pump to bring the water pressure up. Most mechanical bidets do not have a pump in the unit. The electrical bidet units can provide water pressure ranging from 300CC / min to 700CC / min.

5. Do I have enough wattage in the restroom?

The most modern electrical bidet uses about 1,000 Watts. Sometimes a bathroom doesn’t have enough power to support operating the electronic bidet seat, causing an issue installing a bidet. If you do not have enough wattage to use the bidet seat, connect the bidet seat to a separate power source. Lacking wattage sometimes causes unexpected results when running another device while the bidet is in use.

6. Should I check the incoming water quality to the bidet seat?

Depending on the area you are living in some states in the US, water contains an excessive amount of calcareous (lime). The lime blocks the water flow to the unit and hinders the internal water flow of the bidet. We highly recommend using a bidet water filter attachment for cleaning the poor incoming water quality. 



bidet water filter livingstar

All models of the Living Star Bidet come with a bidet water filter as default.

7. Does your power line have a proper ground and no power surge?

Without having a ground causes many issues and defects in the bidet unit, sometimes breaking the bidet controller in the bidet seat. Also, the power surge causes the bidet unit to malfunction. We suggest using a power protector to provide stable input voltage and protect the bidet seat from missing ground.

8. Do you have a pet at home and are worried about the water hose damage from the pet?

Cats and dogs play with an object, and they sometimes bite the bidet water hose, causing failure of water flow into the unit. Consider sealing the water hose with steel material to protect it from biting.

easy install bidet toilet seat - water hose protection from a cat


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