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Adjustable warm water bidet seat | LivingStar

An adjustable warm water bidet seat is a necessary function that allows setting your preferred water temperature and water pressure through a keyword. The adjustable warm water bidet seat offers you great convenience while performing effective cleansing.   Usually, there are multiple levels you can adjust the water temperature and pressure depending on the manufacturer and models.  The warm water bidet sprayer provided by LivingStar gives you great flexibility for your full satisfaction.

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet Adjustable warm water bidet seat

What are the approximate water temperature and pressure for each level for LivingStar Bidet Seat?

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4  Level 5
Water Temperature  Room Temperature  34 C 37 C 40 C  N/A
Water Pressure

(CC / Min)

For 7500 & 7900






For 5900






How do you set the water temperature and water pressure?

You can press the water temperature or pressure and see the changes in the position or color of the indicator.

Perfect Tankless Bidet Toilet Seat


How long can you use the warm water bidet seat?

You can use the warm water as long as you can, thanks to one of the core valuable features of LivingStar adjustable warm water bidet seats with the Tankless heating method that makes warm water instantly and endlessly.  The applicable models are 5900, 7500, and 7900.

Is there any time interval for heating up the water for a bidet seat?

There is no time interval for heating the water for the tankless bidet seats, unlike tank-type bidet seats.

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