Perfect Tankless Bidet Toilet Seat

Perfect Tankless Bidet Toilet Seat with multiple benefits | LivingStar 5900,7100, 7500, 7900 Bidet Seat

There are many reasons why you should use a tankless bidet toilet seat.   A Tankless bidet toilet seat also called an Instant Heating bidet seat brings multiple benefits as compared to the tank-type bidet seat (also called a continuous bidet seat).   The tank-type bidet seat employs a small tank inside the unit to keep warm water. On the other hand, the tankless bidet toilet seat doesn’t use a tank in order to keep warm water since it instantly warms up the water as you need it. Living Star provides the best bidet thanks to employing tankless instant heating technology.

Tankless Bidet Toilet Seat

About Tankless Bidet

What are the tankless bidet benefits?

Tankless bidet brings numerous benefits to users: on-demand warm water, more hygienic than other types of heating methods, energy-saving, slim and lightweight, and modern look.  Below is a brief graphical presentation of what tankless benefits are.

tankless bidet toilet seat - benefits

There are many types of toilet sprayers in the market for the provision of warm water spray ranging from tank-type, hybrid, or tankless instant heating. The definition of a true tankless instant heating bidet module is described below.

  • It has to heat up the incoming water instantly and endlessly without temperature deviations.
  • The typical tankless module size is less than 30 cubic inches (below is an example of a true tankless instant heating module for a toilet sprayer, measured by 112 (L) x  60.5 (W) x 67.5 (H) mm).

Tankless bidet

Uses a ceramic heater; No tank

Tank bidet

Uses water tank inside the bidet unit


tankless instant heating bidet module

tank type bidet module


  • A tankless instant heating module for a seat uses typically a ceramic heating element that generates heat in a small given space requiring high energy efficiency.  (An electrical current will be passed through the ceramic plate, which then generates the heat in a highly efficient manner, then the plate heats up the water immediately. The ceramic heating element offers excellent thermal conductivity since it makes high resistance to the current. It is particularly useful for a tiny small space available such as bidet seats, and hot water dispensers).


  • A tankless must NOT contain any type of water reservoir or tank (the right side image above, is an example of a hybrid instant heating bidet module, which still carries a small water tank for water heating, prone to molds or bacteria).

About Energy Saving

The tankless bidet toilet seat has a built-in heater module made of ceramic, which specifically enables heating water as it comes into the system through the bidet hose. Therefore, there is no tank required and it gives a better way of using electrical energy without continuously heating up the water in a tank. The tank type has to continuously heat up the tank for keeping the water warm so that it consumes more electrical energy than that of the tankless bidet toilet seat.

Tankless bidet offers endless use of warm water

The tankless bidet toilet seat immediately heats up the water as it comes into the system; therefore, you can use water as you need it. You can use warm water endlessly and immediately with a tankless bidet toilet seat.

Tank-type bidet delivers cold water after warm water is used up

The tank type has a time latency for warming up the water in the tank. Therefore, if you are using multiple washing, you will notice that the water gets cold since it takes time to warm up the water in the tank. Once warm water is used up, then the tank-type bidet must deliver the water without having water warmed up so that you will get cold water. This is a big difference between the tank vs. tankless bidet toilet seat.

Tankless makes slim bidet

A tankless bidet makes it possible for a bidet becomes slim and lightweight since it doesn’t require a tank, which takes up space in the bidet. By cutting the space inside the unit, a bidet looks modern and easy to handle for installation and cleaning up the entire unit.

elongated toilet seat - slim bidet

Tankless bidet brings a more user-friendly, better user experience

Since tankless doesn’t require a tank, there is less chance of water leakage in the unit. After using a tank-type bidet, there is a possible water leak from the tank, which makes a bad experience for the user.  On-demand warm water is what experienced bidet users prefer since they know instant heated water or on-demand warm water means tankless.

Tankless makes smarter bidet

Tankless technology makes it possible to control the water sprayer much better in terms of the accuracy of water volume and heating temperature on real-time bases since there is no delay for heating.

smart bidet toilet - living star 7100


About Energy Saving Mode

This is a great feature since you may not use the tankless bidet seat for a certain period of time in a day and you don’t want to waste energy.  Then you simply press the Energy Saving function key on the keyboard to turn that energy-saving mode on.  When you start using the seat, the system brings your preferred setting back automatically.

The tankless bidet toilet seat offers a better chance for longer use

Having a water tank inside the unit may bring an issue when you are using a long period of time since impurities can be deposited in the tank unless you are not using an inline water filter. The impurities are not good for a toilet seat as well as for you.  This is one of the reasons you should use a water filter, especially if you are using a tank-type bidet seat.

Quieter operation of the tankless bidet toilet seat

Since a bidet seat is an electrical and mechanical device, it generates a certain degree of noise during the operation: nozzle movement, washing, etc. The noises can be bothersome, especially during the night.  The level of noise is high when you turn the power on and the unit starts consuming water.  Especially, with a tank type, when it needs water to flow into the tank; it makes noticeable high noise.   However, the tankless bidet seat makes no noise since the tankless bidet toilet seat doesn’t need to fill up the water tank.

Bidet Hygiene matters

Since tankless has no tank inside the unit, it has no chance of building up bacteria or molds: water comes in and goes out, unlike the tank-type bidet. Therefore, a tankless bidet is hygienic. On the other hand, a tank-type, as the wording suggests, it has a water tank inside the unit. In order to deliver warm water, it needs to be warmed up all the time, which could be a perfect place for building up molds or bacteria.

Comparison Tank bidet Vs. Tankless Bidet

LivingStar Bidet Seats eliminate the tank inside the unit with the most recent tankless technology.  Water is heated immediately as it flows in the water supply line in the unit, without needing a tank.   This makes a big difference since there is NO need to heat up the water when the unit is NOT used; therefore, it saves energy.  Also, No Tank Means No Chance of bacteria or molds being developed in the tank.  The below table compares the tankless bidet against the tank bidet.

Tank-type bidet

Tankless bidet

Water reserved for heating  Yes  No
How much energy can you save?  N/A  47% compared to a Tank-type
Hygienic  More chance of having bacteria or molds in the tank No Tank, No chance of bacteria or molds in the tank
Level of noisy  Noisy when water loads into the tank  No noisy


Living Star is a Tankless Bidet

Living Star Bidet Seats, 5900, 7500, 7900, and 7100 models are all tankless, which provides endless warm water for the basic washes: posterior, bidet, and advanced washes: automatic wash, turbo wash, kid’s wash, and oscillation mode.  Below is the summary of what Living Star bidets offer with the tankless, seamless warm water.

Living Star Bidet Washes


LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat Front View


Bidet Toilet Seats - Living Star 7500


Bidet Toilet Seat| LivingStar 7900 with Remote


smart toilet seat - smart washing 7100

Automatic Wash Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turbo Wash No Yes Yes Yes
Oscillation Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kid’s Wash No Yes Yes Yes
Posterior Wash Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bidet Wash Yes Yes Yes Yes


Energy-saving tankless Living Star Bidet

LivingStar 5900, 7100, 7500, and 7900 Premium Bidet Toilet Seats can save up to 47% as compared to a tank-type bidet toilet seat. This is a huge saving as you use the bidet seat over a long period of time.   Furthermore, LivingStar Premium Bidet Toilet Seats have a dedicated function key that puts the system in minimum use of energy.

More details of Living Star Bidet Seats

The above focuses on the details of tankless technology. Living Star offers a complete range of bidet seat solutions that bring comfort and convenience with user-friendly interfaces. Some of the features are closely related to the tankless and we will explain each function of the bidet seat.

Stainless Nozzle with multiple holes for exclusive washes

The bidet nozzle of the Living Star bidet seats is all constructed with stainless steel nozzle with 2 or 3 holes dedicated to spray bidet, posterior, or turbo/kid wash.  The 2-hole system uses 1 of the holes for posterior wash and the other hole for bidet wash. The 3-hole system uses the same as the 2-hole system, and the last one is dedicated to turbo or kid’s wash, ensuring hygiene for each family member. 

Nozzle Cleaning

The nozzle is an important part of a bidet seat since it delivers warm water with the right temperature and pressure. Therefore, it has to be cleaned all the time in order to perform correctly, furthermore, hygiene particularly matters for the nozzle since it can be shared among a family.

Self-nozzle cleaning

After each use of the bidet, the nozzle will be cleaned automatically.  This is called self-nozzle cleaning.  It is a convenient feature in that you don’t have to do anything; the system takes care of the nozzle cleaning automatically.

tankless bidet toilet - self nozzle cleaning
Automatic nozzle cleaning 

An additional nozzle cleaning method is offered by Living Star bidet seats with a functional key. By pressing a function key, the nozzle will be cleaned up without manually cleaning the nozzle for ensuring the nozzle is cleaned.

Manual nozzle cleaning

The bidet nozzle can be cleaned manually by pressing the “Nozzle Cleaning” key. The nozzle will come out of the base for 3 minutes, then it can be manually cleaned up.

Air Dryer

An air dryer is a necessary feature for a bidet user since the warm air dries out any remaining water or humidity in the body. The air drying can be used multiple times as needed. It can be tied to an automated program that performs washing and then drying, which helps many users as a super convenient feature.   The Living Star 7500 and 7900 offer an automated washing and drying feature by pressing a button.

tankless bidet toilet seat - air dryer


Warm Seat

A warm seat provides the first warmth to a user seated in the bidet seat. It makes a user comfortable and helps to warm up the body before using wash and dry.

tankless bidet toilet seat - warm seat



A nightlight is a convenient feature helping to navigate to the bidet seat without turning on other lights. Living Star bidet seats have nightlight functions built-in, except for the 5900 model. The 7100 smart bidet seat has an automatic nightlight turning-on capability without pressing a function key to turn on the nightlight.

tankless bidet toilet seat - nightlight


Water filter

Water filter attachment to the bidet seat sometimes is required for certain regions where the water contains excessive lime, which often blocks the water-flowing system at the bidet. Furthermore, it would not be healthy to get sprayed on a human body with the lime contained water.  The water filter can be installed and replaced easily.

tankless bidet toilet seat - water filter


Soft Closing

A bidet seat contains delicate electronics inside the unit and care has to be given when the seat closes to the bowl. Living Star bidet seats have built-in mechanical hinges that will slowly close down the seat after bidet use.

tankless bidet toilet seat - soft closing


Easy maintenance with a release button

A bidet seat needs to be maintained regularly to stay the device hygienic. There are unreachable spaces between the bidet and toilet bowl, and usually, those spaces are easily filled with contaminants. The Living Star bidet seat has a built-in release button on the side to remove the entire bidet seat from the bowl. Then the unit can be cleaned up entirely.

tankless bidet toilet seat - release button


People Also Asked

What is a tankless bidet?

No tank in the bidet unit.

What is a tank-type bidet?

A tank-type bidet uses a tank for warm water reserved in the unit.

What is a hybrid tankless bidet seat?

A hybrid tankless bidet seat still uses a tank inside the bidet seat.

Why a tankless bidet saves energy as compared to a tank-type bidet??

The tankless toilet seat does not need to warm up the water when the seat is in idle mode. However, the tank-type bidet has to supply energy in order to keep water warm in the tank even in idle mode.

Why do I get cold water after multiple bidet or posterior washes?

For tank-type bidets, there is a time gap to warm up the water in the tank when water is used up.

Do I get instant warm water with a tankless bidet toilet seat?

Yes, you will get instant and endless warm water.

Is a tankless bidet more hygienic than a tank-type bidet?

Yes, a tankless bidet is more hygienic since it doesn't use a tank to store water. No tank means No mold or bacteria in the tank.


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