Perfect Tankless Bidet Toilet Seat

Perfect Tankless Bidet Toilet Seat with multiple benefits | LivingStar 5900,7100, 7500, 7900 Bidet Seat

There are many reasons why you should use a tankless bidet toilet seat.   A Tankless bidet toilet seat also called an Instant Heating bidet seat brings multiple benefits as compared to the tank-type bidet seat (also called continuous bidet seat).   The tank-type bidet seat employs a small tank inside the unit to keep warm water. On the other hand, the tankless bidet toilet seat doesn’t use a tank in order to keep warm water since it instantly warms up the water as you need it.

Tankless Bidet Toilet Seat

Energy Saving

The tankless bidet toilet seat has a built-in heater module made of ceramic, which specifically enables heating water as it comes into the system through the bidet hose. Therefore, there is no tank required and it gives a better way of using electrical energy without continuously heating up the water in a tank. The tank type has to continuously heat up the tank for keeping the water warm so that it consumes more electrical energy than that of the tankless bidet toilet seat.

Endless use of warm water

The tankless bidet toilet seat immediately heats up the water as it comes into the system; therefore, you can use water as you need it.  The tank type has a time latency for warming up the water in the tank. Therefore, if you are using multiple washing, you will notice that the water is NOT warm since it takes time to warm up the water in the tank.   This is a big difference between the tank vs. tankless bidet toilet seat.  You can use warm water endlessly with a tankless bidet toilet seat.

How much can you save $ from tankless bidet toilet seat vs. tank type bidet toilet seat?

LivingStar 5900, 7100, 7500, 7900 Premium Bidet Toilet Seats can save up to 47% as compared to a tank-type bidet toilet seat. This is a huge saving as you use the bidet seat over a long period of time.   Furthermore, LivingStar Premium Bidet Toilet Seats have a dedicated function key that puts the system in minimum use of energy. This is a great feature since you may not use the tankless bidet seat for a certain period of time in a day and you don’t want to waste the energy.  Then you simply press the Energy Saving function key on the keyboard to turn that energy-saving mode on.  When you start using the seat, the system brings your preferred setting back automatically.

The tankless bidet toilet seat offers a better chance for longer use

Having a water tank inside the unit may bring an issue when you are using a long period of time, say over 2 to 3 years since impurities can be stored in the tank, unless if you are not using an inline water filter. The impurities are not good for a toilet seat as well as for you.  This is the reason why we recommend using a water filter attached to the bidet seat if your bidet seat is a tank-type bidet seat.

Quieter operation of the tankless bidet toilet seat

Since a bidet seat is an electrical and mechanical device, it generates a certain degree of noise during the operation: nozzle movement, washing, etc. The noises can be bothersome, especially during the night.  The level of noise is high when you turn the power on and the unit start using water.  Especially, with a tank-type, when it starts, it has to pull the water into the tank; therefore, it makes noise.   However, the tankless bidet seat generates less noise since the tankless bidet toilet seat doesn’t need to fill up the water tank.

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