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Best family bidet seat | LivingStar

The best family bidet seats are offered by LivingStar with their energy-saving feature and enhanced hygiene with advanced technology.

Energy Consumption and Hygiene Matters

Personal Hygiene and minimum use of Energy are the two most important matters for choosing your best family bidet seat.   A typical bidet seat consumes about 1200 Watts in operation, and in standby mode, it takes about 10 watts, furthermore, it may consume more energy to warm up the water tank, if you are using a tank-type bidet seat.  One of the reasons to use a bidet seat is for personal hygiene. However, if you happen to choose a tank-type bidet seat, then there might be an issue with molds developed in a tank.

A Tank-type bidet toilet seat – Inefficient use of electrical energy

A tank-type bidet toilet seat always has to keep warm water in the tank; therefore, there is a waste of energy, when the bidet seat is not in use.  The waste of energy with a tank-type bidet toilet seat also depends on your preferential temperature setting of the water.  The higher the temperature, the more cost to pay.

Tankless (Instant Heating) bidet toilet seat – reduces electrical energy

A tankless bidet or also called Instant Heating bidet toilet seats reduce the cost of energy since it doesn’t need to use a tank.  See the table below how much you can save with the Instant Heating Bidet Seat.  The data in the table has been tested by different bidet seat models comparing energy use. It illustrates that you can save about $20 annually with instant heating, and another $20 by using the Energy-saving mode offered by LivingStar Bidet Seats.


Testing Data in standby mode

Tank type Instant Heating Energy-saving mode On
Daily Energy Use 0.9 KWh 0.42 KWh 0.11 KWh
Daily Cost (US Average) 13 cents 5.46 cents 1.4 cents
Yearly Energy Use 328 KWh 153 KWh 40 KWh
Yearly Cost $42,69 $19.92 $5.11

Testing conditions: Standby mode in 24 hours

Lower your electrical bill with the best family bidet seat

From the above chart, the LivingStar Instant Heating bidet seat consumes about 47% of energy as compared to the tank-type bidet seat.   Also, by enabling the Energy-saving mode with LivingStar 5900, 7100, 7500, and 7900, you will save about $37 yearly, assuming that you put the system in standby mode, without using the bidet seat (this is to demonstrate how much you will be saving by using the Instant Heating and Energy-saving mode). We also recommend closing the top lid and setting the seat temperature low when you are not using it.  Also, it would be helpful for saving electricity to unplug the power cord when you are traveling.

Best Family Bidet Seat

Enhance your personal hygiene via the best family bidet seat – with Instant Heating, Advanced Nozzle Technology, and external water filter attachment

As stated earlier, one of the reasons to use a bidet toilet seat is for personal hygiene.  We, LivingStar cares about this important matter seriously, and design & launch products with key elements for enhancing personal hygiene.

The advanced nozzle for the best family bidet seat

LivingStar 7500 and 7900 offer a bidet nozzle that has 3 exclusive water outputs for different washing: posterior, feminine, and turbo(or Kid).  This is the best solution for family use, to separate female wash from other use. Also, a dedicated hole spraying water for a kid.

LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat Elongated

LivingStar 5900 and 7100 offers a nozzle that has 2 exclusive water outputs for posterior or feminine wash. This model aims for beginners and it is affordable. It is affordable with basic bidet seat functions.

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat

LivingStar 5900, 7100 – a 2 holes system for the exclusive use of feminine or posterior wash

An external water filter helps for a family bidet seat use

All the LivingStar bidet toilet seat product family uses an external water filter to clean any impurities potentially coming into the unit.  This helps to further personal hygiene ensuring to use of clean water.    The water filter also offers longer use of the unit.

Perfect bidet seat 7500 Elongated


By combining all of the features mentioned above, you are not only saving the cost but also enhancing your personal hygiene via LivingStar Bidet Seats. The bottom line is to save 47% or more per annum while enhancing your personal hygiene.   You should look into details of a bidet seat about tank-type vs. instant heating and having energy-saving mode built into the system.

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