Discovering Many Bidet Benefits For Your Daily Best Hygiene

Bidet Benefits Your Daily Hygiene  

Bidets offer a multitude of benefits. The invention of the modern bidet seat was born in Japan, where almost every household uses it. Today, the number of bidet seat users in North America is gradually growing since people find the bidet toilet seat helpful for hygiene.

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Getting the most benefits of the bidet toilet seat

If you are a bidet starter

If you are new to a bidet seat, use the bidet seat with a low water pressure and a water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). Try 1 to 2 minutes of posterior wash with warm water, which helps to relieve itching issues from the hemorrhoid. There are about 1,000 fine lines in the human anus, which is very hard to clean up thoroughly.

Why do you need a bidet toilet seat?

bidet benefits - why do you need a bidet?

The benefit of the bidet toilet seat is that it helps to complete clean up, leaving no residue. However, using high-pressure water may hurt the fine line, or the water that remains deep inside will overflow later; therefore, try low or medium water pressure and warm water. The proctologist recommends these in Asia, where many bidet users exist today.

A helpful tip for your health

Another helpful suggestion for improving your health involves performing a Kegel Exercise five(5) times daily. 

“A Kegel exercise is like pretending as if urinating and then holding it. You relax and tighten the muscles that control urine flow. It is important to find the right muscles to tighten. Next time you have to urinate, start to go and then stop”, cited from Medline Plus.

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Benefits of the bidet sprayer for anal trouble

If you have trouble with itching, the bidet sprayer will help you with warm water washing. The issue may be worse if you use paper to wipe, which may further irritate itching. After washing, use the bidet air-drying to remove water. Any remaining water makes the trouble further worse. Maintaining cleanliness is vital to improve any anal issues. If you don’t have a bidet seat, you can use a shower head with warm water to wash and dry with wet paper.

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Warm water brings multiple benefits

Warm water bidet sprayers can help with blood circulation, muscle pain, menstrual pain, and coldness, according to Asian medicine doctors. Warm water is always helpful in releasing stress and discharging harmful chemicals deposited in your body when you sweat warm water in a spa. Likewise, the bidet sprayer with warm water, warm air dryer, and heated seat releases stresses and stimulates muscles.

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - 4 levels of warm water sprayer

The bidet is beneficial to all age groups.

Bidet seat benefits all age groups and helps aged adults since the muscle gets weaker as getting age. It usually makes it difficult for the person in the morning.

Turbo washing bidet helps older adults.

Older adults need help to stimulate muscles for a pleasant morning. A turbo wash bidet helps a person to relax, warm up the body, and complete the bidet use. The same is true for anyone having issues in the morning.

Kid’s washing mode helps children with potty training

It helps parents to train their children with a bidet seat for potty training. However, experts recommend using a bidet seat for kids between 18 and 24 months or older. Here are some cautions for kids using a bidet. The kid’s leg won’t reach the ground, making a kid using the toilet seat a challenge.

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Putting a foothold to reach the ground is a good way for a kid. The kid’s washing provides an automated washing for 1 minute and 3 minutes of drying, and repeat that for another run if the kid is comfortable.

Advanced features for getting the most benefits of the Living Star bidet toilet seats

We recommend you use advanced features when you are used to the basic washes of the bidet toilet seat,

Turbo Washing Offers Thorough Cleansing 

Turbo Washing is available in some bidet seats that make the nozzle oscillate with variable water pressure. It offers a massaging effect and a thorough cleaning at the same time. Living Star 7500 and 7900 models offer you a Turbo Washing. It provides three(3) different levels of water spray pressure with the nozzle oscillating in three(3) positions using a dedicated water opening on the bidet nozzle.

Maximize Your Comfort with the Nozzle Oscillation 

An oscillating washing mode is an additional feature with a posterior, bidet, auto, and turbo wash. The nozzle will move automatically back and forth to help with each washing process. In addition, it offers a massage effect. By double-clicking the same functional wash key you are using: posterior, bidet, auto, or turbo wash, the nozzle oscillation starts. 

Benefits of bidet toilet seat

Living Star 5900 Auto Wash, The Ultimate Simple Use Bidet 

Living Star 5900 Tankless Instant Heating bidet seat provides a convenient function for users who might not be familiar with using a bidet seat. It is an automatic feature to move the nozzle while spraying the water for 60 seconds. It is a one-touch automatic wash, so you don’t need to use any other keys.

Check further details of each Living Star Bidet Seat 

Living Star 5900 Living Star 7500 Living Star 7900
Living Star High Quality and Affordable livingstar 5900 main image Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar Premium 7500 Bidet Toilet Seat| LivingStar 7900 with Remote
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People Also Asked

Can a bidet help my hygiene?

Yes, it helps. If you have a hemorrhoid issue, wiping could deteriorate your issue. Cleaning with warm water is much better and safer.

How does a bidet help constipation?

A bidet seat has many ways to stimulate muscles to resolve constipation. For instance, a bidet water sprayer with variable water pressure and an air dryer can stimulate the muscles to resolve the issue.

What is the recommended water pressure for a posterior wash?

If you are new to a bidet, try the lowest water pressure, then adjust it for your needs.

Is a bidet sprayer with high water pressure good for my hygiene?

We recommend NOT setting a high water pressure on the bidet toilet seat if you are new to the bidet.

No. A bidet wash is for females ONLY. Use a posterior wash instead.

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