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What is Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet | LivingStar 5900, 7100, 7500, 7900

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - warmth help human body

The best toilet seat warmer bidet provides many great features for not only your hygiene but also offers valuable and necessary functions that you need to use daily.

It is a well-known fact that the right temperature of heat could help human health, especially if you are suffering from muscle pain. The heat helps to relax the muscle so that the pain could be minimized.  The same thing is true when you are using the toilet seat warmer bidet in the morning.  Your body is not ready for sitting on a cold seat or using cold water. The warm seat, water, air will not only make you feel comfortable but also help your body be ready for the day.

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - 3 or 4 levels of air dryer

Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet Functions and Benefits

About the toilet warmer bidet seat.

The Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet from LivingStar helps you especially cold at night.  It makes you not only feel better but also helps you to relax while you are using the seat.  The best toilet seat warmer bidet has three key functions for making your morning easy.  It provides a heated seat in which you can set the preferred seat temperature you want either through a remote or a built-in keyboard.


LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat

Adjustable heated seat bidet

Typically, the heated seat bidet function has 4 levels of the temperature setting.  Once you sit on the seat, you will feel immediately warmth that makes you feel easy and comfortable.  LivingStar heated bidet seat provides not only a heated seat, but also other necessary functions warming up your body, especially in the morning when you don’t want to get cold stuff coming to your body.

Warm water sprayer bidet sprayer

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - 4 levels of warm water sprayer

About warm water bidet sprayer

The LivingStar toilet seat warmer bidet has a built-in warm water bidet sprayer that instantly warms up the incoming water without needing a tank for storing warm water. This instant heating bidet seat makes warm water available immediately and endlessly as you need it without any time delay for getting new warm water.  The warm water bidet sprayer through the nozzle helps you to relax and for easy delivery since the warm water smoothly touches and stimulates the muscles.

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet

Adjustable warm water bidet sprayer

The best bidet seat allows you to set 5 different warm water bidet sprayer temperatures, which is a great feature so that you can personalize your own preferred temperature.  Once you are used to the warm water bidet sprayer, you may use different water pressure as well.   We recommend using the water pressure at the minimum setting in the beginning.

 Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - adjustable warm water sprayer bidet

Warm air drying bidet

About Warm Air Drying bidet

One of the beauties of the Living Star Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet is that you can use warm water as many times as you want until you feel a complete wash without the delay of having warm water.  After washing, if you are a beginner in the bidet seat, you would think to use a paper towel.  However, with the best toilet seat warmer bidet, you don’t need to use a paper towel!  All you need to do is to turn the warm air dryer bidet on for a complete dry after the wash.

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - warm air dryer

Adjustable warm air-drying bidet

The best bidet seat offers 4 to 5 different levels of the temperature of warm air drying.  The adjustable warm air drying bidet would be very easy to set it up.  Once you press the air dryer button on the keyboard, the warm air blows out to reach and dry the wet area.  This is a very useful function, especially if you are suffering from hemorrhoids or any related issue.  The hemorrhoids get worse if you wipe or leave humidity in your back. The warm air-drying bidet comfortably and completely dries out all remaining water and makes you feel comfortable.

Heated seat bidet

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet

The LivingStar Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet allows you to set 4 to 5 different levels of setting on the heated seat bidet, which may vary by the model.  The heated seat bidet has a built-in circuit for warming up the seat continuously so that you can feel the warmth immediately once you sit on the seat.

About features of LivingStar heated seat bidet

One of the key features of the best bidet seat LivingStar is that you have the option to make the seat temperature at the lowest level so that you can minimize the spending of energy while you are not using the seat. Once you set this minimum value, it will remain the setting until you actually sit on the seat.  Then, the original set temperature will be effective, without any additional keyboard operation.

Water Temperature

Seat Temperature

Air Dryer Temperature

Model Name Appearance Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - 3 or 4 levels of warm water sprayer Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - heated seat 3 or 4 levels Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - 3 or 4 or 5 levels of air dryer

LivingStar 5900

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat Top Lid Open 3 Levels 3 Levels 3 Levels

LivingStar 7100

Smart Toilet LivingStar 7100 4 Levels 4 Levels 5 Levels

LivingStar 7500

Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar Premium 7500 4 Levels 4 Levels 5 Levels

LivingStar 7900

LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat with Remote 4 Levels 4 Levels 5 Levels


Tips on using Living Star bidet seat

  • Use Energy-saving mode as much as possible
  • Unless you have an external in-line water filter in your place, try to use a bidet water filter
  • Scheduled clean-up with a wet towel
  • Clean up the nozzle regularly
  • Place the remote near the main unit and point it to the control panel when you are using a remote bidet (7100 or 7900)

Why is Living Star the best bidet seat brand?

Living Star is one of the best bidet seat brands since it highly values customers and their interests bringing benefits to them. It was born as a bidet seat pioneer in the early stage of bidet seats in the US when people were not familiar with the modern bidet seat.  The strong belief in bringing good products helps humans, and eventually, the brand value is recognized and rewarded by the market.  Living Star bidet is a true best bidet seat brand since it is:

The best bidet seat provider with full customer satisfaction

Our bidet seat has been proven through a high volume sold to consumers with great satisfaction across the globe under other successful brands. Throughout this journey, we learned very important essential matters from our customers, which we try our best to implement them.

Putting continuous efforts to learn from customers

We always try to learn from the customers, who run into situations that a brand sometimes cannot understand, and we as a brand, always be ready for helping customers.  We always put our highest priority on our customers and our best effort to help and learn from them.

Providing the best customer services

Living Star tries its best to provide customer services since it fully understands the brand only can exist with the customers’ satisfaction.

Click here to check our quality of services from customers.

Living Star shall continue delivering its promise

Living Star as a consumer brand, shall continue to keep its promise and deliver full satisfaction to customers.  We exist only if we are recognized by the customers.


Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet - living star brand value

Why should you consider Living Star Bidet?

1. Using the best quality material

With in-depth and long experience in the bidet seat category, we become one of the best experts in the industry, being able to identify what is the best material that should be used for such a bidet seat application. With this knowledge, we bring the best bidet products to the market, and at the same time, we also lead the manufacturers in the right direction.

2.  Adopting the most recent technology

People might think a bidet seat is such a simple device; however, it is not a simple product since it has to deal with water and electrical/mechanical characteristics.  As you know, water and electrical equipment always bring issues since they don’t work well with each other, unless careful engineering is done properly.  We are always highly concerned with this critical factor and at the same time, we bring the most recent technology to the bidet seat.

3.  Offering optimized bidet functions

The best bidet seats from Living Star are well-optimized for any users: kids, adults, and disabilities by providing highly convenient features.  They are true auto bidet seats since they offer automatic programs for Wash and Dry functions with various water pressure, temperature, air dryer temperature, and automatic back and forth nozzle movement. All these features are the best bidet seat for the disabled, who just need to press a button to initiate wash and finish with a warm air dryer.  Note that there are differences in the auto bidet seat functions by Living Star bidet.

4. Hygienic bidet focused

The best bidet has been designed and developed for maximizing hygienic bidet features. Most bidet users have chosen to use a bidet since it provides the best hygienic way to clean.

Tankless Toilet Bidet

The tankless is much more hygienic than a bidet with a tank, where molds and bacteria can be developed.  No Tank Means No Chance of Bacteria or Mold in the tank. Living Star bidets are tankless offering the best hygienic features.

Bidet Water Filter

The bidet water filter is a great option to filter water that comes into the unit, then sprays to you. Having a bidet water filter not only helps the long use of the bidet unit but also helps to maximize your hygiene.

Bidet Nozzle Cleaning by Automatic or Manual

The Bidet nozzle is one of the core parts of a bidet. Without it, the modern bidet will not exist. Therefore, it is essential to clean it all the time. Living Star bidet employs a bidet nozzle made of stainless for the best durability and hygiene.  It provides both manual and auto-cleaning options. Every time you use the bidet, the nozzle will be cleaned up automatically.  You can also manually clean it with a soft cloth thoroughly.   Find further details about the bidet nozzle and how to clean it up by clicking here.

Easy cleaning toilet bidet

The best bidet seat allows you to easily clean up the toilet bidet by pressing a button to release the unit from the base, then you will have the whole unit detached and be able to access the bottom part of the bidet for a complete cleanup.

What is a bidet wash and posterior wash?

A bidet wash is for a woman. Since a bidet was mainly used for females, a bidet also meant for a woman's washing.

Do I need to move my body for the sprayer?

It depends on a model that provides nozzle move function.

Can you use a bidet wash or posterior wash repeatedly?

Yes, you may use it as many time as you want.

Which one is better a tankless or tank toilet bidet seat?

Definitely, the tankless is far better than tank type since tankless is much better for your hygiene and consumes less energy.



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