Bidet Seat helps for hygiene

Bidet seat helps for hygiene

A bidet seat helps with hygiene, especially if you are having issues with hemorrhoids.  You don’t need to wipe.  Hemorrhoids get worse if you wipe the area of the skin comes out.  The bidet seat can completely wash the back with 2 to 3 times of washing operation.  Then, a drying operation helps to clean your back without touching it.   Hemorrhoids may be developed if you are overweight, during pregnancy, as you get older, or for any other reason.  It also helps for constipation using the high water pressure of the bidet seat.

It makes you feel clean and fresh

Bidet seat helps for hygiene

With the high water pressure from the bidet seat, water gets to the area where you cannot reach and clean the area.   Warm water washing also helps for blood circulation that potentially can prevent hemorrhoids or any other issues with your back.

How to use it?

Many people try to operate the bidet seat without seating in the bidet seat, which has a built-in body sensor.  All the functions are disabled until the boy sensor detects you are actually seated on the bidet seat.  The body sensor is designed for preventing any water from spraying by an accidental keystroke.

Washing modes with adjustments & auto programs

It depends on the type of bidet seat. However, a modern bidet seat provides 2 basic washing:  a posterior and feminine wash.  It can even provide a Turbo wash, which offers higher water pressure. Then there are additional washing modes available: oscillation and kid’s wash.  An oscillation wash is an automatic program that the nozzle moves back and forth for giving a massage effect and a better way for cleaning. Kid’s wash is also an automatic program for helping children to use the bidet seat. It automatically provides washing for say, 1 minute, and then 3 minutes of drying.  This feature may also help for a disability.   You can also set the water temperature and pressure by your preferences.  The heated seat helps using the seat during cold nights; it keeps the warm temperature of the seat.

Warm Air Dryer

After a wash, you may need to dry the back.  Most modern bidet seats offer a warm air drying function with different air temperatures. You can easily set the temperature level through the keyboard.

Water filter

Sometimes a water filter is necessary if you are living in an area where the water contains impurities such as lime. These impurities sometimes clot the water flow inside the unit. A water filter helps to filtrate the impurities contained in the water before going into the unit.  It depends on the frequency of bidet use and impurity contamination in the water; however, generally, you may want to replace the water filter every 6 months.

Single Nozzle vs. Dual Nozzle

Sometimes posterior and feminine wash is done through a dual nozzle system: one for posterior wash and the other one is for feminine wash.  Or a single nozzle with separate holes: one for posterior wash and the other one is for feminine wash.  Furthermore, you can clean the nozzle by self-cleaning or manual cleaning nozzle. Keeping the nozzle cleaned is one of the important work for your health.

Release Button and clean up the unit.

You may need to clean up the bidet seat periodically to keep the unit cleaned.  Usually, you can find a release button to detach the unit from the toilet. By pressing the button, the seat can easily be removed from the base of the toilet.  For cleaning the unit, use a soft cloth with mild water in it. Do NOT use any steel brush, which can cause scratches in the unit. Also, avoid using any chemical that can cause discoloring of the bidet seat. After cleaning the unit, ensure to dry the unit from any water or humidities that might cause malfunctioning.

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