Installing LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat

Installing LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat is not complicated, however, one needs to follow some of the recommendations described on the LivingStar bidet toilet seat page.

Most of your existing toilets can embrace LivingStar 7500 bidet toilet seat, which is measured by 20.27 (L) x 17.40 (W) 6.29 (H), 8.15 LBS. This model is developed for a “One Size Fits All” concept that fits most of the existing toilet seats in the market.  However, we still recommend you check your toilet bowl size.   Below is the system diagram for the bidet seat.

LivingStar 7500 Bidet Toilet Seat

System Configuration

The following is the system configuration of the LivingStar-7500 bidet seat.

LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet seat System Configuration

Install Kit

The install kit comes with a fixing plate, anti-move lever(2), bolts(2), nuts(2), flexible cable, T-valve with a conversion nut for 1/2″ inch water opening, water filter, and user manual. For efficient and easy Installing LivingStar 7500 bidet seat, please read the manual thoroughly before the installation.

Installing LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat

Step by step installation overview

Please follow the direction below for installing your new bidet seat. If you find your water opening is 1/2″ then use the conversion nut which comes with the packaging.  Also, if you DO NOT want to install the water filter, you may bypass it.

Installing Installing LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat step by step

After the installation

Nozzle Sealing tape

After installing the bidet seat, open up the lid, then take the nozzle sealing tape off.

Installing LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat nozzle sealing tape

Check the installation

Next, open up the water supply valve and ensure there is no leakage.

Then, plug in the power. Press the nightlight button to see if the power is on.  Installing Installing LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat Nightlight button

Cover the bowl with a plastic cover to stop splashing water.  Hold and press down the Boby Sensor to enable the keyboard to function.  Press the Wash key to see the nozzle comes out and it sprays the water.

Installing LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat testing

Installing LivingStar 7500 bidet seat should be a simple task if you follow the guidelines provided on this page as well as the manual in the package.  LivingStar 7500 is a premium class bidet seat that is a slim and lightweight design, also fitting most of the existing toilet seats. Please note that the length of the seat is 20.27 inches long and the product net weight is 8.15 LBS, which can easily fit into your existing toilet seat.  For any further references and considerations, please click to visit.

Benefits of LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat:

  • Slim and Lightweight
  • Durable (anti-crack material being used)
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Instant Heating without needing a water tank, which saves energy cost
  • Multiple adjustments and various washing modes
  • 100% waterproof keyboard
  • One pocket 3 holes stainless nozzle for the exclusive use of posterior, bidet, and turbo wash
  • Replaceable nozzle cap
  • Other valuable features:  Nightlight, heated seat, soft closing

Bidet seats are highly vulnerable to pressure and heat with limited mechanical withstand; therefore, they need a better material for long use.  LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat uses material that offers anti-crack, which makes it possible for longer use of the seat as compared to other bidet seats in the market.  Also, it nicely fits both round or elongated toilet bowls in the market.  It is measured by 20.27 inches, which fills the gap between the round and elongated variations.  Usually, the elongated shape runs between 20″ to 21.8″ inches long,  and the round variation measures by 19 to 20.8 inches.  This gap offers an opportunity for LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat to fill the gap between those two variations in the market.


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