One Size Fits Bidet Toilet Seat

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One Size Fits All

Multiple Benefits

Energy Saving with Instant Heating without needing a water tank (Additional function for more energy savings by pressing a key)

Various Washing Modes (Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid, Oscillation(a massage function) )

Multi-Adjustable for Water Pressure(5 levels), Water Temperature(4 levels), Seat Temperature(4 levels), Air Dryer(5 levels), Nozzle Position(5 positions)  Washing Modes: Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid, Oscillation

Advanced Nozzle Technology: Stainless Steel, 1 pocket 3 holes exclusive use for posterior, bidet, turbo wash, replaceable nozzle cap, nozzle cleansing by automated or manual

100% Waterproof keyboard, Nightlight, Soft closing of the lid and seat

2 years warranty, Anti-crack material being used for the lid and seat for longer use, water filter

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One Size Fits Bidet Toilet Seat | LivingStar 7500 Premium


  • One Size Fits Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar 7500 Premium with 20.27 Inches long, fitting most of the existing toilet bowl
  • Slim and Lightweight,
  • Premium Ceramic Heater allows instantly heating without needing a tank
  • Washing: Posterior, Bidet, and Turbo Wash with different modes: Kid’s Wash (Automatic function for 1 minute of washing and 3 minutes of drying for a kid
  • Adjustments: 5 levels of water pressure, 4 levels of water temperature, 4 levels of seat temperature, 5 levels of warm air control, and 5 nozzle positions
  • Nozzle cleaning: Self nozzle cleaning or manual cleaning
  • The seat sensor (body sensor) disables all the functions until you are seated
  • Safety: a thermal cut-off function is used for your safety
  • Power requirements: 120V/60Hz, 1260 Watts
  • Power cord: 59 inches
  • UL Certified, Anti-crack material being adopted for long use
  • Dimension and weight: 20.27 (L) x 17.40 (W) 6.29 (H),  8.15 LBS,   Package weight: 11.24LBS,  Made in S. Korea

One Size Fits Bidet Toilet Seat

Premium Bidet Seat LivingStar 7500 is a lightweight, slim, and one size fits bidet toilet seat, yet it is durable proven through many countries in the world. Since it is an instant warm water bidet seat, it saves energy up to 50% as compared to the tank-type bidet seats. The one size fits bidet toilet seat is tankless without needing a small water reservoir.  The bidet toilet instant hot water allows endless warm water supply as you need it.   This is a great bidet feature for many people, who needs more warm water instantly.

Multiwashing modes for your conveniences

Various washing allows for the entire family to use the one size fits bidet toilet seat.  The basic washing modes of the bidet seat are posterior, feminine, and turbo washing.  Besides these washing, it offers you with Kid’s washing (1 min washing and 3 min for drying) and Oscillation washing.   These are automated programs for kids and another comprehensive bidet seat massaging feature. When you use Oscillation mode, the nozzle moves back and forth automatically, giving you massaging Furthermore, you can set the bidet seat water pressure by 5 levels and 5 different nozzle positions.

Heated Bidet Seat

The heated bidet seat feature conveniently offers you a warm seat, which is useful during the night and especially winter.   You can set the temperature of the heated seat bidet in 4 levels, giving you great flexibility.

Bidet Seat with Warm Air

The one size fits bidet toilet seat with warm air dryer is another convenience feature that makes you feel comfortable while furthering personal hygiene. You can set up to 5 different levels of air temperature.

Bidet Seat with Nightlight

The nightlight with the one size fits bidet toilet seat is a useful feature during the night. You can turn it on or off through a waterproof keyboard.

Energy Saving Mode

The one size fits bidet toilet seat has a key function to turn on the Energy Saving Mode, which puts the bidet toilet seat in minimum use of electricity. This feature is very useful when you are traveling or not using the bidet seat during the day.  This is the additional feature on the top of the Instant Water Heating of the bidet seat.

Stainless Nozzle 1 pocket 3 holes

The one size fits bidet toilet seat uses a stainless nozzle, which has dedicated holes for the posterior, bidet, and turbo washing.  This feature furthers personal hygiene. A bidet seat nozzle is one of the core parts since it has to spray the right amount of water with the right pressure. Also, The one size fits bidet toilet seat uses a micro air bubble technology making soft water bubbles.  In order to maximize the technology, the reliability of the nozzle is very important.  Therefore, it uses a high-quality nozzle made of stainless.

Nozzle Cleaning and Replaceable Nozzle Cap

The electric bidet seat nozzle may need to be cleaned up.  The electric bidet seat allows you to clean the nozzle automatically or manually. This helps to maintain the nozzle in a good condition.    When you use the electric bidet seat for over two to three years, you may need to replace the nozzle cap.  The nozzle cap of the one size fits bidet toilet seat is replaceable so that you can maintain it for a long time. This feature may also be helpful when you have guests at your home since the nozzle cap is replaceable.

100% Waterproof keyboard

The electric bidet toilet seat has to deal with water and high humidity in a restroom.  While the keyboard is an electro-mechanical part, it may become malfunctioning due to water spills or high humidity.  Premium Bidet Seat LivingStar 7500 uses a 100% waterproof keyboard.

Water filter

The one size fits bidet toilet seat comes with a water filter, which helps to prevent any impurities from flowing into the unit. It depends on the frequency of bidet use, but you may need to replace the water filter in 6 months. (You can always bypass the water filter and directly connect incoming water to the bidet seat).

Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to install the bidet toilet seat and do I need to buy any extra parts to install it?

We recommend you check your existing toilet.  Some of the toilets may not applicable for installing a bidet seat such as french curve and one-piece toilets.  Please check “How to choose a bidet seat?” and find out the details.  Also, we recommend checking the “installation guide of LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat” before making a purchase.  The installation itself should be simple and easy.  We provide all necessary accessories for installation so that you DO NOT need to buy any extra parts.

What is the difference between one nozzle vs. a dual nozzle system and what is the best?

Both of system has advantages over the other system. A dual nozzle system generally uses one nozzle for posterior washing and the other one for bidet washing. However, one nozzle system utilizes each hole for dedicated washing function: posterior, bidet, turbo washing. So that the end result will be the same.  From an engineering standpoint, one nozzle system may be better for quality and production management.

Can I endlessly use bidet with warm water?

Yes, you can use warm water without any limitation thanks to the instant heating bidet seat.

Do you have to use Water Filter?

If you have an in-line water filter system in your home, you can bypass installing the water filter that comes with the package.  We recommend using the filter for preventing any impurities from coming into the unit.

What is the Turbo Washing?

The one size fits bidet toilet seat provides a turbo wash, an automated program with 3 stages of water pressure, and 3 different nozzle movements in order to provide a better cleansing effect with massage function.

How is the Kid’s washing work?

The bidet seat with Kid’s washing provides an automated sequential washing and drying for a kid. (One minute of washing and three minutes of drying). This function is useful for disabilities as well.

How do I use the Energy Saving Mode?

The energy-saving mode with the bidet seat helps to reduce energy consumption while not in use. By pressing the key, the system uses minimum energy. When you toggle the key, it shall come back to the original settings.

What is the Warranty Period of the product?

We provide 2 years of the warranty period.  Generally, if you maintain the product in a good condition, it should last over five years or longer.

Do you provide service parts?

Yes, we typically carry service parts for 5 years or longer.

Note to the first bidet seat users

The electric bidet toilet seat generally has a body sensor built into the seat; therefore, the unit won’t function unless you are seated at the bidet. After the installation, many people are asking “Why my bidet seat won’t work?”. The sensor disables all the functions of the electric bidet toilet seat, ensuring water splashing out of the unit when pressing a button by a mistake.


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