Livingstar Bidet Seat Story

LivingStar Bidet Seat Story

LivingStar Bidet Seat Story starts with the founder, who suffered from hemorrhoids. He had a chance to use an old type mechanical bidet seat, and after several weeks passed, his problem was getting better. After that, he started his journey to develop a better, advanced, and modern bidet seat.   A modern bidet toilet seat does many beneficial functions for people. Moreover, it provides various program modes for kids and elders.  The word bidet came from the French word, “Pony”, which is a French invention for contraception. Then the bidet has been used for washing in the bathroom since 1900.

Livingstar Bidet Seat Story

LivingStar bidet aims for maximizing convenience and easy use while having comprehensive functions. The brand was introduced in 2017 and the majority of users love the bidet seat.  Here are brief functions of what the bidet seat provides today.

Two types of bidet seats

Tank or Tank-less

A tank-type is also called continuous heating.  It uses a built-in tank to heat-up freshwater that comes into the unit.  Then, it discharges the water through a nozzle by pressing the “Wash” or “Bidet” key.

Tankless bidet seat introduced lately for heating water immediately, and that is why people also call it “Instant Heating”.  Water flows through a small size tank-like shape, where heat is applied for immediate heating.    Since a tank-less type doesn’t have to use a tank to keep warm water, it saves energy as compared to the tank type.

Basic functions of a bidet seat

  • Wash: a posterior wash in a given time, typically 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Bidet: a feminine wash
  • Heated seat: a cold night, this function helps people seats in a warm seat
  • Nozzle positioning: Moving the nozzle to the desired position
  • Dry: After a wash, warm air discharges for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Water pressure, Warm air level adjustment
  • Body sensor: to avoid the spray of water outside the bowl, the bidet seat detects a person seats on the seat. Then, the wash or bidet function starts working; otherwise, the functions will be disabled

Comprehensive functions of a bidet seat

Functions are available with Livingstar 5900, 7100, 7500, 7900 Bidet Seat; however, there are some functional variations of each model.

  • Massage: Oscillation of nozzle for a complete wash, typically the nozzle moves back and forth or Left to Right.
  • Bidet nozzle with 2 holes or 3 holes: An ideal solution for a family. One of the bidet nozzle holes works for posterior wash, and the other nozzle hole works for feminine wash.  The third nozzle hole is for Turbo or Kid’s Wash.
  • Program modes: consecutive functions of wash and dry. Useful for a kid or elderly person
  • Night light: the light turns on during the night
  • Energy-saving mode: all unnecessary functions will be in sleep mode for saving the energy

Next Generation of Bidet Seat

The future of a bidet seat shall evolve for embracing more comprehensive personal hygiene. Also, it could go beyond what we have today:

  • A smartphone application and weight sensor for the user’s weight changes
  • A smartphone as a primary control for the bidet seat
  • Various sensor attachments to the unit for checking glucose level, blood pressure, etc
  • Water purification at the internal unit

Check further details of each LivingStar Bidet Seat 

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