Troubleshooting No water into the bidet

How to troubleshoot when there is no water flow into the bidet seat?

Troubleshooting NO water into the bidet unit could be easy and sometimes you may need repair service of the bidet seat you are using. It would be an embarrassing experience when you have no water into the bidet seat you are using or just installed it.   Here is how to check water not being coming into the unit.

Procedures for Troubleshooting No water into the bidet

First of all, check these simple steps, before you do anything:

  • Check the main water opening switch that opens and closes the water going to the toilet and washstand
  • Check to see if the bidet seat power light is ON (if no power light is on, that means either there is no electrical input or the bidet seat is out).
  • Reset the bidet seat power by unplugging the cord, waiting for 30 seconds, then plugging back in. (since the bidet seat is an electrical and mechanical product, it may require a reset of the power).

If you are still experiencing the same issue; then proceed with the below steps:

  1. If the water opening switch is open, then check with the water pressure. You may check the water pressure via the washstand faucet if it is OK.
  2. If everything is normal, then turn off the water opening, then open up the T-Valve, which connects between the water going into the toilet tank and bidet seat.
  3. Then open up the water opening switch slowly and find if the water comes out from the T-Valve
  4.  If water flows normal, then your issue might be between the flexible hose and bidet unit or the bidet unit itself
  5. If you are using a water filter, take out the water filter, then directly connect the water hose to the bidet seat unit bypassing the water filter.  (Most of the time the filter slows down the water flows into the bidet seat, when it becomes old and clogged with dust)
  6. If the water flows fine without the water filter, then you may want to replace the water filter, Your issue is the water filter.
  7.  If you are not using the water filter, then open up the hose connecting to the bidet seat unit; then visually see if the water flows out of the hose, also check the water pressure.
  8. If the water flows fine through the hose, then your issue is one of the following reasons:
  • The water pump is NOT functioning in the bidet seat unit
  • The water tank is leaking (if your bidet seat is a tank-type)
  • The control unit of the bidet seat is malfunctioning

Any one of the above requires a service to replace the malfunctioning bidet parts. Troubleshooting NO water into the bidet may be simple and easy if there is a water flow issue before the water goes into the bidet seat unit.  However, if the bidet seat is the source of the issue, we recommend using a repair service.

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