Benefits of bidet toilet seat

Benefits of Bidet Toilet Seat

The benefits of a bidet toilet seat are numerous. The modern bidet seat was invented and used in Japan, where almost every household uses the bidet seat.  Today, the number of bidet seat users in North America is gradually growing since people find the bidet toilet seat so helpful for personal hygiene.

Getting the most benefits of the bidet toilet seat

For beginners

If you are new to the bidet seat, we recommend using the bidet seat with medium water pressure and water temperature to be 40 degrees in Celcius (104 in Fahrenheit). Try 1 to 2 minutes of posterior wash with warm water, and that helps your hemorrhoid’s trouble or reliving itching issue. There are about 1,000 fine lines in the human anus, which is very hard to clean up completely.

why you need a bidet toilet seat?

One of the benefits of the bidet toilet seat is that it helps to clean up completely without leaving any residues. However, if you use too strong water pressure, it may hurt the fine line, or the water that remained deep inside will overflow later; therefore, please try with medium water pressure and warm water.  These are recommended by the proctologist in Asia, where a large number of bidet users exist today.

A helpful tip

Another helpful tip to improve your health is to perform a Kegel Exercise for 5 times a day.

“A Kegel exercise is like pretending you have to urinate and then holding it. You relax and tighten the muscles that control urine flow. It is important to find the right muscles to tighten. Next time you have to urinate, start to go and then stop”. Cited from Medline Plus.

Benefits of the bidet toilet seat for anal trouble

If you have trouble with itching issues, the bidet toilet seat will help you by completing cleansing.  The trouble may get worse if you use paper to wipe, which may further irritate itching.   After washing, you should use an air-drying with bidet seat for drying out any remained water, which might make the trouble further worse. It is important to maintain cleanliness to improve any anal trouble. If you don’t have a bidet seat, you can use a shower head with warm water and wet paper to clean it up.

Asian Medicine Doctors’ perspective on benefits of the bidet toilet seat

From the perspective of Aian medicine doctors’ are saying that warm water helps blood circulation, which promotes or cures clogged blood causing menstrual pain and/or issues with coldness.

Kid’s washing mode helps children

It is recommended to use a kid’s toilet for ages between 18 and 24 months old.  However, if the kid wants to use a toilet seat, then caution must be taken.  The kid’s leg won’t reach the ground and using the toilet may be a challenge for the kid. Putting a foothold to reach the ground is a good way for the kid and using Kid’s washing shall help.  The kid’s washing provides an automated washing for 1 minute and 3 minutes of drying and you may want to repeat that for another run if the kid is comfortable.

Advance function for getting the most benefits of the LivingStar bidet toilet seats

Once you are used to the basic function of the bidet toilet seat, then we recommend you use some advanced features of the bidet seat.

Turbo Washing

Some bidet seats come with a Turbo Washing function, which provides an automated nozzle movement with water pressure for a better way to wash and offering of massaging.  The LivingStar 7500 and 7900 automates to change 3 different levels of water pressure with 3 nozzle positions using a separate bidet nozzle hole.


An oscillating washing mode is an additional feature with a posterior Wash, Bidet, and Turbo Wash.  The nozzle will move automatically back and forth for helping with each washing process. Furthermore, it offers a stronger massage effect. By double-clicking the key you are using: Posterior, Bidet, or Turbo, you will be able to use the Oscillation mode.

Benefits of bidet toilet seat

LivingStar 5900 Auto Wash Mode

LivingStar 5900 Tankless Instant Heating bidet seat provides a convenient function for users, who might not be familiar with using a bidet seat.   It is an automatic function to move the nozzle while spraying the water for 60 seconds.  It is a one-touch auto function so that you don’t need to use any other keys.

Check further details of each LivingStar Bidet Seat 


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