How To Clean Up Bidet

How To Clean Up Bidet Seat? 

Cleaning a bidet seat should not be a challenging job. 

The bidet seat requires regular cleaning to use it hygienically, which is the prime reason to use a bidet. A scheduled cleaning helps to prevent any bacteria or molds from developing in the seat and its surroundings. Also, regular cleaning helps longevity.

How to clean bidet? - cleaning bidet image

 The bidet nozzle plays a vital role in the bidet seat since it is the source of water spray, and the body of the bidet seat is an enclosure of the bidet system; therefore, periodic cleaning helps hygienic bidet use. Blocked space exists between the bidet seat and toilet bowl, a source of harboring bacteria causing an unpleasant odor.

Step by Step Easily Cleaning Bidet

We will show you how to clean up the bidet step by step. Follow the below steps: How to clean bidet seat - Step by Step
  1. Remove the entire bidet unit from the base in order to clean the unreachable space between the bidet seat and the toilet bowl.
  2. Cleaning bidet Seat
  3. Cleaning bidet Lid
  4. Cleaning Bidet Nozzle: Manual or Automatic cleaning of the nozzle.

Cleaning The Entire Bidet Unit

If you use a bidet seat for more than one(1) month, you may experience odor from the toilet bowl and bidet seat. 

Eliminating odor

The source of the smell persists until you remove the entire bidet seat; however, you can’t clean the source of the odor since the unreachable space between the bidet seat and the toilet bowl. Lifting the bidet seat allows cleaning the blocked area, bidet seat, and toilet bowl thoroughly to eliminate the unpleasant odor.  

How to clean up bidet

Removing the entire bidet seat

You can press the release button located on the right-hand side of the bidet seat shown in the picture below, then detach the unit from the base.

bidet seats - detachment button for maintenance

Once the unit is detached, you can use chemicals to clean and sanitize the toilet bowl. Be careful not to apply the chemicals to the bidet seat. Apply the chemical to the bowl only. Click here for further details on why you should not use chemical cleaning compounds on the bidet seat. Once you finish cleaning the target area, let it dry for a few minutes. After that, you can clean the bidet seat and nozzle, then put the unit back in. This article explains how to clean up bidet seats, which should cover all the models of Living Star Bidet Seats.

Cleaning Bidet Seat

A seat is a critical part of a bidet seat, which requires cleaning thoroughly.

However, when cleaning the bidet seat, please remember NOT to use chemical compounds on the bidet seat, which can cause the seat to crack. Use a soft cloth soaked with water to clean up the seat part in all areas. How to clean a bidet - no strong chemicals to clean bidet

However, when cleaning the bidet seat, please remember NOT to use a strong chemical formula, which can crack the seat. Try with a wet soft cloth to clean up the bidet.  Ensure to clean both sides.

Cleaning Bidet Top Lid

The top lid is one of the easy parts to clean. Use a warm and wet soft cloth or towel to clean it up. It could be better to use a scratch-free microfiber towel. Impurities and contaminants always make the lid and seat vulnerable; therefore, you want to cleanse them regularly.

Cleaning Bidet Nozzle

bidet nozzle is the most critical component of a bidet seat since it serves as a spray with the right amount of water, pressure, and temperature. Sometimes a nozzle becomes unfunctional because the impurities or contaminants block the nozzle. Therefore, ensure to cleanse it all the time.  bidet - 3 holes stainless nozzle

Some of the bidet seats provide self-nozzle cleaning after washing. However, a manual cleaning bidet nozzle is a necessity in order to clean the nozzle thoroughly. Living Star bidets offer three(3) options to clean the nozzle: self-nozzle cleaning, pressing a cleansing button to clean the nozzle or manual cleaning.

1. Cleaning bidet nozzle automatically | Self-cleaning bidet

How to Clean Up Bidet

The nozzle gets cleaned up automatically after the use of the bidet seat. Living Star Bidet seats provide a self-nozzle cleaning. Also, it provides a function key to clean up the nozzle automatically when you press the Nozzle Clean button on the keyboard. Then, the system cleans the nozzle automatically. The nozzle moves back and forth automatically 8 to 10 times; the duration and number of nozzle movements depend on the Living Star bidet models. Below are the details of the nozzle cleaning.

How does the self-cleaning bidet work, and how to take the nozzle out from the base for a manual clean-up?
5900 7500 7900
Automatic Nozzle Cleaning When the button is pressed (Nozzle Movements) 10 times 8 times 10 times
Duration of pressing the button for manual cleaning mode 3 seconds 3 seconds 3 seconds
Duration for Nozzle Out from base 2 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes

2. Manual nozzle cleaning

Toilet Bidet manual nozzle cleansing

You want to clean up the bidet sprayer nozzle to maintain the best hygiene. Press the nozzle cleaning key for 3 seconds, then the nozzle will be out for 2 minutes for a manual clean. Please use a soft cloth with warm water when cleaning the nozzle. You can also clean it up with a soft brush. Be careful not to block the nozzle with any material. Below is the nozzle configuration for each Living Star bidet model.


Bidet Sprayer Nozzle Configuration

Bidet Sprayer Nozzle for 5900
Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated LivingStar 5900 - 2 holes on bidet nozzle
 Bidet Sprayer Nozzle for 7500, 7900
LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat Elongated
After the clean-up, if you experience any signs of weak water pressure or water not spraying, you might have blocked the holes. Then, take the bidet nozzle out by pressing the same key again and clean it up.

Living Star Bidet Seats are crack resistive

Living Star 59007500, and 7900 seats are designed and manufactured with Polypropylene (PP) material that is crack-resistive, which prevents cracks; however, you should avoid using chemicals. If you still have to use it, use a mild cleaner like Ajax.

Living Star bidet seat and lid Complete unit

How to clean up bidet

how to clean bidet - living star 7500 bidet seat


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