How To Clean Up Bidet

How To Clean Up Bidet Seat? 

A bidet toilet seat needs to be cleaned up regularly in order to promote personal hygiene, preventing any bacteria or molds from being developed in the seat and, or its surroundings. Furthermore, it helps to use the unit for a long time.  There are critical parts that you want to clean periodically.  The bidet nozzle plays a critical role in the bidet seat since it is the source of water spray.  The seat and lid also get impurities and they need to be cleaned up.  Molds are developed between the bowl and bidet seat; therefore, you may want to take the unit out of the bowl and clean the molds thoroughly.

Bidet Nozzle

A bidet nozzle is the most critical component of the bidet toilet seat since it provides water for posterior or bidet wash with the right amount of water, pressure, and temperature.  The nozzle can be blocked by impurities, then it may not function properly.  Therefore, you should ensure it is cleaned up all the time.   There are two ways to clean up the nozzle with LivingStar Bidet Seats:

LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat Elongated

Auto Nozzle Clean

How to Clean Up Bidet
Picture of self nozzle cleansing


The auto nozzle clean allows automatically cleaning up the nozzle before or after use of the bidet seat.  LivingStar Bidet seats provide a key to initiate cleaning up the nozzle. By pressing the nozzle cleaning key, the nozzle will be automatically cleaned: the nozzle will move back and forth automatically about 8 to 10 times, depending on the model, while water is being sprayed for the cleansing). Below explains the frequency of nozzle move, the duration for pressing the button to Nozzle to be out for manual cleaning, and duration of nozzle out by each model.  

5900 7500 7900
Nozzle Move 10 times 8 times 10 times
Duration of pressing the button for manual cleaning mode 3 seconds 3 seconds 3 seconds
Duration for Nozzle Out from base 2 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes


Manual Nozzle Clean

Toilet Bidet manual nozzle cleansing
You may want to clean up the nozzle thoroughly.  Then you want to press the nozzle key for 2 seconds, then the nozzle will be out for 2 minutes for a manual clean. Please use a soft cloth with warm water when you clean up the nozzle. You can also clean it up with a soft brush.  Be careful, not to block the nozzle with any material. 

Seat and Top Lid

The seat and lid of a bidet toilet seat are also exposed to impurities, and you want to clean them up from time to time.  However, you should avoid using chemicals as much as possible, and we strongly recommend using a piece of soft cloth with warm water.

Issues with the seat made of ABS material

The seat gets pressure and heat that potentially makes the seat cracked when you apply chemicals to the seat, especially, if the seat material employs ABS.  The combination of all those three: heat, pressure, chemical use, and ABS material exacerbates the issue.

LivingStar Bidet Seats are crack resistive

The LivingStar 5900, 7500, and 7900 seats are designed and manufactured with Polypropylene (PP) material that is crack-resistive, which prevents the crack; however, you should avoid using chemicals. If you still have to use chemicals to sanitize the seat, then use a mild chemical.

How to clean up bidet
picture of bidet seat and lid


Entire Unit

If you are using a bidet seat for over 3 months, then you may experience molds developed between the seat and toilet bowl.  It is hard to remove them since there is no room to reach the target area to clean.   In this case, you need to detach the seat from the toilet bowl.  LivingStar bidet seats have a detach button on the side of the unit.  You can easily press the button, that is located right-hand side as shown in the picture below, then detach the unit from the base.

How to clean up bidet

Once the unit is detached, then you can use any type of chemicals to clean and sanitize the toilet bowl.  Be careful, not to apply any strong chemicals to the seat.  Once the target area for cleaning is completed, then let it dry for a few minutes.  After that, you can put the unit back in.  This article, explains How to Clean Up Bidet Seats, which should cover all the models of Livingstar Bidet Seats.

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